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6 Brands That Get Consumer Engagement Right on Twitter

by Ana, posted 23 days ago
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What do you think makes a brand successful with consumer engagement? Is it their overall brand image? The veracity at which they retweet followers? How does content play into the whole thing? This week we discuss 6 brands that are killing the Twitter consumer engagement game and how these big-name brands may help your engagement tactics along the way.


Wendy’s and #NuggsForCarter

When Wendy’s responded to Carter Wilkerson’s asking how many retweets he needed for a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets, they certainly weren’t expecting it to take on a life of its own. Though Carter only received 3.42 million retweets, it was enough to be the most retweeted post of all time, and also earned the free nuggets from Wendy’s (in the form of $1000 in gift cards), despite missing the 18 million mark Wendy’s originally stated.

Stacy Minero, Twitter’s director of brand strategy, reacts to the Tweet by saying  “Twitter is the one place where you can create a brand persona and humanize a brand and Wendy’s has done that… “#NuggsForCarter looks like a serendipitous moment that just happened, but there is so much planning that goes into crafting your brand voice so that consumers want to engage with you and are trying to get responses from you.”


JetBlue: Keep It Light, Keep Customer Service Tight

It’s hard to be an air carrier in the age of social media. A minor delay can send a flurry of angry tweets and subsequent retweets, keeping your social media manager on daily crisis mode. But what makes JetBlue stand out from the rest is not just their amazing customer service stories, but the little sprinkles of humor throughout their Twitter presence.

Calling themselves the “customer service company that happens to fly planes,” Laurie Meacham, JetBlue’s Manager of Customer Commitments discusses the merit of Twitter as a customer service provider, not just a marketing tool.

“We’re all about people,” she explained, “and being on social media is just a natural extension of that. It’s no different than any other part of the airline.”


KFC’s “11 Herbs and Spices”

In October 2017, Twitter user @edgette22 discovered a quiet little Easter egg from fast-food chain KFC. Banking on the fact that a savvy Twitter user would find this ode to KFC’s famous “11 herbs and spices” paid off and the Tweet got a lot of attention and additional followers. And @edgette22 was rewarded with a fancy new oil painting for his reveal.

Twitter engagements like these only further proves that you don’t need a big and costly content to get your point across, or drum up some publicity. Sometimes, it’s the quiet but clever quips that get word-of-mouth going.


Adobe Customer Care and IT Specialists

It would be hard to find a marketing professional today that doesn’t use Adobe Creative Suite for its projects. While Adobe takes great pride in retweeting the work of their loyal followers, they are also happy to take the time to acknowledge faults within the product. When sending a “help me” Tweet to @AdobeCare (different from the brand account @Adobe), you’re met by a social media manager AND an Adobe wizzard, looking to help guide you through a fix all on your own.

What makes accounts like @AdobeCare so great is its transparency regarding the limitations of the product, as well as its quick and efficient replies to customer requests.


Taco Bell: Finding Information Funny

Maintaining a brand identity is hard for any company. And when you have such a dedicated and, well, off-beat clientele such as Taco Bell, finding a balance between being “funny” and “making fun” can be a difficult task. Now, do that and still find a way to successfully promote new products? Taco Bell seemingly does this impossible task regularly.

Knowing that the “funny but helpful” approach doesn’t work with all brands, Taco Bells seems to have found the exact balance of tone and language to still appear light-hearted, while not jeopardizing the feelings of those that have serious customer service complaints.


Innocent Drinks: Refreshingly Positive

We all need a little silly every now and then. What Innocent Drinks has done is take that need and turn it into a positive brand image that has almost next-to-nothing to do with smoothies at all!

Having a social media presence for a brand does not necessarily equal constantly discussing the brand and its products. By deviating from the normal course, (Pandas, anyone?) you’ll find followers looking for the cute content and increase your brand recognition at the same time!


As a brand, finding your way in social media marketing is not a quick or easy task. Take into account what the best brands on Twitter do every day.

  • Bring a human approach to the brand
  • Post often, and not always product-driven
  • Respond to your followers, make sure they’re heard
  • Be transparent about the good AND the not-so-good


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