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7 Tips to Ace Content Marketing on Twitter

by disha, posted 20 days ago
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Every business owner and marketer understands the importance of Twitter marketing. Twitter is probably the only channel where you can increase brand exposure exponentially, in real-time. The right tweet as part of the right conversation can get you instant access into your target communities. But getting enough exposure for every tweet is challenging. In fact, tweets have half-lives of only a few minutes. However, you can succeed in content marketing on Twitter with the right approach.

Here are 7 smart tips to ace content marketing on Twitter.

1. Identify content preferences of your audience

It’s no surprise if you don’t get engagement on tweets that are irrelevant to your followers. What are their interests? How can you tie their preferences to your brand’s content? Tailor your content strategy to your audience’s preferences to ensure success on Twitter.

  • Add value without over-promoting your brand. If you want to experience an uptrend in your retweets and click-throughs, steer clear of “making the sale” tweets and focus on entertaining and helping your audience.
  • Use tools such as Twitter Counter to analyze audience preferences. In terms of areas that interest your audience, you can identify topic preferences using Twitter Counter to see which tweets your audience interacts with more. You can verify this by visiting your Twitter Analytics page and viewing the Audience Insights section. You could even test different types of content based on the insights got by this method. Tweet 2-3 versions of headlines at the time when your audience is most active (find this time using Twitter Counter). Ensure tweets have trackable links and measure how many clicks each link receives.  

2. Outsource content creation to trustworthy agents

To keep-up on Twitter, you need to post multiple times a day, every day. This can be a hectic schedule to meet with an internal content creation team. However, this can become a routine that you take for granted via a trusted external agency. To achieve that state, you simply need to find a content agency that understands your brand and needs.

  • Outsource Twitter management to a fully-managed content agency such as Godot Media. Why fully managed? It’s a great substitute for having to manage a team of writers yourself. Through Godot Media, you can share content specifications to have the right content created and published on Twitter at a frequency of your choosing. You can review engagement on these posts and tweak the strategy until the process runs automatically and is taken care of for you. The company actually provides a client login so you can add project specifications, manage and oversee your projects.

  • Organize your thoughts and ideas to share with your content partner. When working with an external content partner, it’s important to keep ideas and specifications organized for sharing with them. You could use a tool like Trello or Evernote to save your ideas for easy review and sharing.

3. Optimize your Twitter property

Yes, people do visit your Twitter page, and many page visitors view your page before following you. The quality of your Twitter page can affect someone’s decision to follow you. That’s why it’s essential to look at your page as an opportunity for branding. Does your Twitter page accurately reflect your brand? If it doesn’t, it’s time for a makeover.

  • Choose the right Twitter handle, profile photo and header image. Shorter is always better on Twitter. Choose a one-word Twitter handle that represents your brand. If you already have an active handle, it’s not wise to change it unless you have an exceptionally good substitute. Also, ensure that your Twitter handle is consistent with the names you have on other social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram).

Social media influencer Ann Smarty’s Twitter handle has “SEO” in it.

It’s common to use logos for profile photos and that’s okay, as long as you have used a version that’s visible even when compressed and the same version across all social pages.

  • Optimize your Twitter bio to attract the right followers. Use the 160 characters to explain who you are, what your brand represents and what followers can expect by following your Twitter account. Add relevant hashtags for which you want to appear in search results. Brag, but don’t forget to balance it with personality and humour.

4. Interact with experts, influencers and followers

There are two critical aspects of implementing Twitter marketing. The first is to find relevant people to follow instead of randomly following people in hopes of getting follow-backs. A 10,000 strong following is worth nothing if your engagement is poor. The second is to engage your followers in tweets, instead of simply tweeting at them.

  • Identify and interact with influential accounts using tools such as FollowerWonk. Using FollowerWonk, you can find Twitter accounts managed by influencers and experts, and engage with them personally. The tool uses industry keywords input by you to find Twitter accounts with high engagement numbers mentioning those keywords. Follow these accounts and engage them in conversation. This you can do using your internal team.
  • Activate your Twitter followers using tools such as Twitter Counter. There’s no point even in getting relevant follows if your Twitter following is inactive. Each time you add a follower, it’s good to engage them personally. After all, sales are one-on-one, and you can’t make an impact like that on large-scale. Use your internal social media managers to engage new followers.
  • Optimize your Twitter bio to attract the right followers. Use the 160 characters to explain who you are, what your brand represents and what followers can expect by following your Twitter account. Add relevant hashtags for which you want to appear in search results. Brag, but don’t forget to balance it with personality and humour.

5. Tweet during peak hours and participate in trends

Since tweet half-lives are short, it’s critical to tweet when your followers are most active or they may never see your tweets. Generally, on social media, there are certain windows of time when you are likely to get the most engagement. For instance, midday and after-hours when people typically take breaks from daily tasks to scroll through their feeds, or in the midst of a social media trend.

  • Figure out what peak hours match your target audience. Using tools such as Twitter Counter, you can identify when audience activity peaks. Pass on that information to the content partners managing your Twitter page so they can concentrate the tweets around your peak hours.

  • Discover trends worth participating in to increase brand exposure. Twitter has trending hashtags every day that you could participate in. Even the smallest of accounts get a lot of exposure by participating in trends. Keep an eye out for trends in important geographies that relate to your brand.  

6. Add GIFs, graphs and screenshots to tweets

Tweets with images get 89% more engagement. Include images in all your tweets to increase the overall performance of your content marketing on Twitter. You could even include the occasional text-only tweet for it to stand-out on your feed and catch more attention. Readability matters on Twitter as well, so choose your words, images and links carefully.

  • Experiment with different image types. You can pick from a variety of image types to create more engaging tweets. GIFs, graphs and screenshots are three unconventional types of images that are easy to create and can elevate the appearance of your tweets.
  • Incorporate polls, emojis and Quote tweets. There are non-image forms of content that can be visually appealing. For instance, if you post a poll on Twitter or a collection of emojis, it can act as a break from the typical tweets you have on your page.

7. Leverage Twitter video

Videos on Twitter are two times as memorable as content in any other format. Further, there’s a lot that you do with video on Twitter. You can share information about a product launch, share updates from events or give your audience access to special happenings during your day.

  • Use video to reply to tweet comments. If you want to personalize Twitter replies, you could use video instead of simple text. This can be done effortlessly using your mobile camera. You can even join relevant conversations on Twitter using video replies.
  • Schedule live video sessions to engage your audience.  If you have an important message to share with your audience and want their participation, you can schedule live video sessions by promoting them in advance. Ensure that you pick a time that’s convenient for a majority of your audience to improve turnouts.

One right content on Twitter could put you on the map in your industry and amongst your target audience. The tips on this post can provide a great start to achieving your content marketing goals on Twitter.