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5 Ways Using (And Not Using) #TrendingTopics Can Help Your Brand

by Ana, posted 27 days ago
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It’s a given that if you’re running a business, social media should be a big part of your strategy. Engaging your current audience and bringing in potential new consumers with fresh and relevant content should be your top priority. But, how do you determine what is “fresh” and “relevant?” Enter Twitter’s #TrendingTopics.

That’s right! That little space at the top of your Twitter feed holds a world of new content that people (including many in your audience) are already looking at. It’s almost too easy. But, using these #TrendingTopics to appropriately promote your brand? Not so easy. Let’s discuss the five different ways to use (or NOT use) what’s trending to get your brand out there.


Connecting With Your Audience #TrendingTopics

At the end of the day, your brand will never take off if you’re not connecting with your target audience. In order to do that, you need to be engaging and talkative — in the right way. Building content around relevant trends gives your audience the opportunity to relate to you, and most importantly, the opportunity for you to connect with them. Remember, you’re using hashtags and trending topics to reach people. If someone takes the time to recognize your work, acknowledge them. Otherwise, what’s the point?


Showing Your True Colors

All brands should have a mission in which all your marketing relates to. And every brand has their own moral code. For instance, The American Heart Association probably isn’t retweeting the latest in franken-food. By deliberately choosing which trending topics you associate your brand with, you’re effectively letting the world in on who you are and what you believe. So as you scan the list of hashtags, be mindful of how you want the world to see you.


Take It Easy

The trends that are more easily adaptable are usually the ones that are more likely to have a little staying power. There are also those trends that should stay in the past where they belong. (JNCO jeans, anyone?) If working on connecting a particular trending topic to your audience is proving to be too difficult, it’s probably not worth the time. Not only will people who experience the content (especially later on) view it forced and awkward, it will also present itself as dated, even if it was only done last week. Don’t jump on a trend just because it’s there. Take some time to truly consider your audience and use that data to relate to the right trend.


But Also, Keep Up

Topics that are trending can literally change by the minute. Does this mean someone should be glued to the feed at all times? No, not exactly. But, having a social media manager keeping daily tabs on what’s trending and adjust the content accordingly certainly keeps your finger on the pulse. After some time and experience, being able to predict what will be trending will make creating timely content easier. For example: as the date of The Royal Wedding approached, brands increased their relevant, and sometimes hilarious, content.


Know When To Stay Away

We all have that one friend or family member that makes everything about them. This is the exact thing to rigorously avoid when using trending topics. Take for example this 2012 tweet from Gap using #Sandy in reference to the devastating Hurricane Sandy.

Treanding Topics and Branding | TwitterCounter

Sure, Gap wishes everyone to “stay safe,” but not without promoting online shopping in the process. Turning well-wishes into a business opportunity can turn your brand from a compassionate one into a tone-deaf disaster. Usually, the best decision you can make for your brand is to steer clear of controversial, depressing, or tragic topics. The moral of this story is, don’t let your brand be the aunt that no one wants to invite to Thanksgiving.



Potential consumers are everywhere, and trending topics allow easy access to them. The better able you are to give your target audience relevant, relatable, and entertaining content, the more successful your brand becomes. #TrendingTopics are essentially low hanging fruit, so start picking!


Have you had success using #TrendingTopics for your brand? @TheCounter would love to hear about it!