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What To Do When Your Twitter Account Needs A Refresh

by Ana, posted 2 months ago
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Over time, every business, product, and consumer will go through an evolution of sorts. It’s how everyone and everything stays relevant.  At one point, your Twitter account might have even been at peak performance. But, maybe the time has come where your business (and your Twitter account) has outgrown its original look. When this happens, it’s important to own it and take the lead in updating your social media identity. This week, we’re discussing how to recognize when your Twitter account has gone a little stale, and what to do when it’s time to revive and refresh.  


Knowing When It’s Time To Change?

If your engagement rates are down, your follower gains are slowing down, or there seems to be general disinterest in your brand, it’s time to rethink your direction. Realizing your engagement is down is the easy part, but understanding why can be a bit tricky. Some of the more common reasons for a lack of engagement could be:

  • You don’t understand your target audience. Rarely is one product or service so beloved by everyone that your target demo is, well, everyone. Sit down with your analytics data and truly evaluate WHO is interacting with your content and build your direction based on that. Many times you may be surprised by who your audience may actually be versus who you think they are.
  • Your content isn’t as varied as you think. Consumers don’t want a constant stream of sales pitches. They want a variety of product information, and entertainment. As long as your first two are covered, your consumers understand and even appreciate when you give them easy access (i.e, links to sales, product pitches, etc.) to your product.
  • You’re probably using too many #hashtags. Think using more hashtags guarantees you more engagement? Think again! Twitter recently released a few stats on hashtags that may cause you to reevaluate how you want your tweets to be seen;
    • Tweets that include at least one hashtag receive 2x more engagement than those without.
    • If your tweet has one or two hashtags, they receive 21% more engagement than those with three or more.
    • Tweets that have more than two hashtags actually have a DECREASE in engagement by up to 17%.


Preparing For Your New And Improved Account!

Setting up your Twitter account for a good refresh is a daunting task, but one that could pay off greatly in the end. But before you start running away with new content, it’s important to lay a strong foundation and give your current followers a thorough heads-up!

  • Remove the bots. Inflated numbers do you no good. Not only is there no engagement, but it throws off the algorithm, keeping legit consumers from finding you through suggested content.
  • Prepare your followers. Let them know that exciting changes are coming to the account! This gives them a little warning when your new content comes streaming through. Maybe even give them a little sneak-peek as you prepare to launch.
  • Start scheduling your content now. Have a month’s worth of content scheduled and ready to go ahead of time. This will allow you ample time for engagement as content is released.  


The Fastest Ways To Get Up And Running Again

It’s important to get things going as quickly and as smoothly as possible. What are some things you can do to get things going?

  • Make your Twitter account work for you. Use your demographic data to see who it is you’re actually trying to talk to. As you reach a more targeted group of people, Twitter’s algorithm will begin suggesting you to accounts with similar demographics. This will lead to an increase in organic (and interested) followers.
  • Tailor your content to YOUR consumers. Take what your data tells you one step further by actually reviewing what other content your followers are looking at. What other accounts do they follow? Are they finding your content from a website other than your own? Your goal is to find a balance between being “niche” and accessible.
  • Engage and re-engage, quickly and often. Consumers want to feel they are being listened to. The easiest way to do that is to ACTUALLY listen and respond. Did someone mention you in a tweet? Call them out with a “Thanks!” and a retweet! Reward your super-engagers with additional value-driven “perks.” (Word-of-mouth, anyone?)
  • As Always, Be Consistent: Commit to the refresh and give your consumers what they are expecting. You’ve prepped them, they’re ready, so now it’s time to deliver!


Refreshing your account(s) can end up being a huge disaster if handled the wrong way! But, with a lot a prep work and a little bit of warning, a refresh can be the first step to a better Twitter account and an overall better social media presence.


Have you recently gone through an account update? What were some of the pros and cons you found throughout your process! Let us know @TheCounter!