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Content Conundrum: How To Improve Your Twitter Content When You’re Uninspired

by Ana, posted 2 months ago
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We all know that compelling Twitter content is what keeps your consumers and followers actively engaged. But what if you’re finding yourself in a content rut? Let’s discuss how brands find themselves stalling in the content slow lane, and ways to get out of it.


How Did We Get Here?

It happens to almost everyone. You pick some time to create your Twitter content so you can schedule it out, don’t really check on it, and hope that the people who need to see it do. You’re in a content downward spiral! Not only do you notice you’re not excited about Twitter, or even social media in general, you may notice that:

  • Your active engagement is dropping.
  • Your in-house content is no longer being shared by followers and consumers.
  • The posts you are creating aren’t reflective of your work ethic.


At the end of the day, your brand will live and die based on the content you are providing. And if YOU don’t believe in your content, your consumers won’t either. So, how do you adjust your content mind frame?


Get Inspired!

So, you’ve realized your Twitter content could use a little boost. Great! You’re already on the right track and now is when the fun begins. Need a little help getting started? See if any of these tips and tricks get your creative mind whirling:

  • Study the accounts of your favorite brands. (Bonus points if your chosen brand is in a similar field as your company.) What do they post day-to-day? What does the engagement look like? Are YOU interested in what they’ll post next? All of these factors are great lessons in running a successful Twitter account.
  • Run a poll. There’s nothing quite like hearing what your loyal followers have to say. Asking poll questions regarding your brand, content, etc. not only increase consumer engagement, it gives you valuable insight into what your consumers are looking to you for.
  • Repurpose your killer content. Do you have blogs, videos, or memes that got a lot of traction of other platforms in the past? Re-schedule that content throughout the month and see where consumer engagement will take you. Like running a poll, your followers will tell you what kind of content they’re looking for. You just need to give them something to look for.
  • Let your consumers do the talking. Retweet, respond, like, and/or favorite any mentions of your brand. When you’re on top of what consumers are saying about you, you have a better understanding of where you stand as a brand. It can also provide quality content in between in-house content.


Strategize. Rinse. Repeat.

Winging it is no longer a viable option when it comes to successfully marketing your brand on Twitter. To create a successful Twitter campaign, you have to start with your goals and a strategy on how to achieve them. Are you hoping to increase your engagement? Convert clicks to sales? Increase brand awareness? Whatever your goal is, create your content strategy around that and give yourself a timeframe for evaluation. (A month is a good indicator of whether or not your campaign is going where you want it to go.)

At the end of each evaluation, look at your numbers really well. Are you closer to your goal? Do you need to pivot your strategy a bit? An honest evaluation will give you insight as to where you should be. And if throughout this process your goals change, then congratulations! Goal evolution is healthy and necessary for every brand. In the end, you’ll always learn something.

So, just because your content took a little hit, doesn’t mean you’re done for. Revaluating your content and your Twitter strategy will boost your social media self-esteem and also breath life into your brand… Double whammy!


At Twitter Counter, we love hearing how brand content evolves over time. Have you recently gone through a content transformation? Let us know @TheCounter!