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Keeping Your Audience Engaged Through The Summer

by Ana, posted 4 months ago
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If the amount of barbeques and pool parties you’ve been invited to hasn’t tipped you off, then we have news for you! The height of summer vacation is just around the corner. And while you may think running your social media during this time is “business as usual,” your consumers are off the clock and ready to explore. But don’t forget, even if your consumers aren’t in their natural environment, they are (usually) still connected.

So, how do you keep up the engagement when distraction is around every vacationing corner? This week, we’re discussing how to adapt your social media strategy to vacation season to keep your consumers engaged and coming back for more, no matter where the summer sun takes them!


Keep It In The Family

Everyone likes a little shout out now and again. And if your consumers are taking the time to interact with you, you should be returning the favor. (A good rule of thumb for social media marketing any time of the year.) Did someone mention you or your product in a Tweet? Thank them by name!

But it’s not all about retweets and favorites. Keep up with follower trends and focuses to help steer your content into their direction. Once there, it’s easy to pull their attention towards you and your brand.

Extra tip: Getting a little bit of bad press? (Hey, it happens to everyone!) Act swiftly and publicly to show you’re doing everything you can fix the situation. Sometimes the act of taking responsibility and making resolutions will outweigh the initial outcry.


Right On Time

Timing is everything when it comes to keeping the attention of the consumer, and it’s ever so more important during the summer months. Staying relevant is key, and it doesn’t have to be hard work. These simple and yet oh so effective tips help keep your consumers interested.

  • Have You Updated Yet? If you have an event’s calendar, it needs to be the most up-to-date event’s calendar there ever was. Blogging twice a week? Make sure you stick with the schedule religiously. Having consistency plays a huge part in what keeps your consumers coming back.
  • Ditch The Evergreen Content. Every social media marketer loves the relief of some classic evergreen content, but it can be the death of summer consumer engagement. Your summer content should be based on, not yesterday’s news.
  • Schedule Smartly. Remember that while you’re consumers are probably still checking in, they are doing it slower and less frequently than when their in a normal routine. Spacing out your content throughout the day will keep the likelihood of your consumers finding your content higher, and you won’t look spammy in the process.


Dream Theme

Nothing keeps people’s attention like a great story. So, give them one! Creating content that is thematic and can build on top of itself is a classic way to keep the consumer’s attention and have a little fun in the process. What do we mean by thematic content? It can be anything and everything! Run a giveaway contest, post progress photos and updates of your newest product, blog about company adventures (or better yet, a few funny misadventures) abroad. If it’s a subject that allows for multiple posts over a determined period of time, use it! People will see it and you will stay on their radar.

After all this, it’s important to remember that if you notice a dip in engagement during the summer months, that’s to be expected. But, social media doesn’t take a summer vacation, and neither should your brand. Stick with the strategy and stay on the mind of the consumer. Engagement is a year-round issue with seasonal changes. If you’re consistent and your posts invoke that summertime-laid back feeling, you consumers will notice.

At Twitter Counter, we’d like to know your #TipsAndTricks to keeping consumer engagement high during the high-vacation season! Let us know @theCounter.