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Trump Twitter By the Numbers

by Zia A., posted 4 months ago
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Donald Trump took office as the 45th President of the United States over 475 days ago. Since taking over as POTUS:

  • Employment growth slowed by 12% … but the unemployment rate has dropped, reaching a 17-year low.
  • The U.S. trade deficit grew by 11.5% … but economic growth rose to 3.2%.
  • Refugee admissions dropped by 70% … and foreign views on the U.S. dropped nearly everywhere, except for Russia, where the U.S. is in the good books.

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Well that’s a look at politics, but Trump has also been making waves in the world of social media, most of all, on Twitter, where his tweets have taken aim at everyone from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, to the media in general over stories he declares to be #FakeNews.

But what exactly is Trump tweeting about? How many people are actually listening? And where does he land compared to other world leaders and politicos? We’re breaking it down below. Here’s how Donald’s numbers stack up.

The World is Watching

Well, at least a good part of them. @realDonaldTrump has (as of the time of this writing) a whopping 51,469,559 Twitter followers, ranking him #19 on the platform overall. Barack Obama currently sits at #3 (making him second to only Katy Perry and the Biebs, and putting him above RiRi, Lady Gaga, and Tswift).

Trump Twitter Numbers

Twitter Counter’s Twitter Stats Overview for @RealDonaldTrump

Or Is It the Robots?

According to Twitter Audit, nearly 17% of Trump’s Twitter followers are fake. That’s about the same as @BarackObama, but considerably better @HillaryClinton (30%). In a shocker, nearly 50% of Pope Francis’ followers are fake – maybe spam bots don’t follow the 8th commandment condemning deceit?

Trump Twitter NumbersTrump Twitter Numbers Trump Twitter NumbersTrump Twitter Numbers

Who Gets a Follow Back?

Trump’s Twitter account has been following the same 46 people practically since he first joined the platform in March 2009. This makes his follower-to-following ratio (the golden number) an incredible 1118906.02. Celeb status for sure.

Trump Twitter Numbers

Twitter Counter’s Followers vs. Following Stats


How Much is Too Much Donald?

Lately, POTUS has been tweeting an average of 6 times a day (a big change from a total of 37,471 since he joined Twitter in 2009). He gets nearly 100,000 likes/retweets per post.

Trump Twitter Numbers

Twitter Counter’s Tweet Stats for @RealDonaldTrump

Grammar Police!

On average, President Trump uses at least one exclamation point per tweet. The man certainly likes to make a point!!!

Trump Twitter NumbersTrump Twitter Numbers Trump Twitter Numbers Trump Twitter Numbers Trump Twitter Numbers

The Most Productive Part of His Day

While POTUS may have a quick Twitter finger, his 51 million followers aren’t always there to listen. His tweets get the most engagement Saturdays midday. There are also peaks Sunday morning and Sunday evening, and Thursday afternoons.

Trump Twitter Numbers

Twitter Counter’s Best Times to Tweet

What’s on His Mind?

The President tweets about everything from government shutdowns to Kanye West. He’s also fairly fluent in hashtag-ese, frequently posting about #USA, #MAGA, and #FakeNews.

Trump Twitter Numbers

His BFFs

Who’s most often on the receiving end of a Presidential Twitter shout-out? Barack Obama (54 times in Trump’s first year in office) and Hillary Clinton (53 times during the same period) top the list. But something tells us they aren’t tweets between BFFs.

Trump Twitter Numbers

International Attention

It’s probably not a surprise that the President of the United States falls under an international spotlight, but, thanks to his incendiary tweets, President Trump’s word travels faster than most. This graphic illustrates how one of his tweets spread across the world.

 Trump Twitter Numbers

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