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5 Reasons You Should be Serious About Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

by Angela Baker, posted 4 months ago
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In some ways, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take Twitter seriously. There seems to be no shortage of people using the platform to say appalling things, often with little to no repercussions from the powers that be on the platform. Users are becoming frustrated that it’s become a platform for hateful ranters. The temptation to dump the platform altogether is understandable at first glance. Still, dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that Twitter is still a viable marketing platform. Here are five reasons you should be serious about creating a dedicated Twitter marketing strategy.

1.    It’s a Great Platform For Driving Traffic to Your Website And Landing Pages

While some complaint about Twitter’s 280 character limit, it has some advantages. The need for brevity creates different expectations among users than other social media platform. While directly promotional, ‘salesy’ content may be frowned upon on your blog or Facebook, it’s accepted on Twitter.

This means that while you’re expected to create and curate longer form content on other platforms, you can be more direct on Twitter. Use the platform to announce sales and special events, promote products, link to website content, and guide your followers to landing pages.

2.    It Can Be Used For Direct Real-Time Engagement

You won’t find a better platform for direct, casual, and in the moment engagement than Twitter. First, it provides excellent search features that allow you to find the conversations you want to join. You can even use it to seek out influencers, potential customers, and others to engage with.

The conversational nature of the platform combined with the ability to @ people makes it perfect for this kind of engagement. Another helpful feature Twitter offers is the ability to set up responsive hours and to define your business’s direct messaging availability.

If part of your Twitter marketing strategy involves using it for customer service engagement, this is ideal. Customers who wish to engage directly with you or your employees will know exactly when this is possible. You have to worry less about missing opportunities to communicate with customers directly.

3.    You Can Use it to Weigh in on Breaking News

Whether it’s a local story impacting your customers or something newsworthy breaking in your industry, your responsiveness is critical. Customers and potential customers will be waiting for your response. The quality and timeliness of that response can have a significant impact. By becoming aware of breaking news quickly and weigh in as soon as possible, you can accomplish the following:

  • Establishing thought leadership by sharing predictions and insights on industry news.
  • Offering advice or assistance.
  • Passing along valuable information and resources.
  • Offering appropriate congratulations or sympathies.
  • Being available to answer questions or share thoughts directly.

The truth is, when news breaks, people head to Twitter to learn more. Part of what they are seeking is insights into how brands and other organizations are responding. If you don’t participate in and control the direction and outcomes of these conversations, there’s going to be trouble. Eventually, your name will be brought up if the news relates to your business in some way.

By being proactive and taking on trending issues head-on, you can build your brand’s reputation for leadership and trustworthiness. Just follow a few guidelines:

  • Never use tragic or frightening news as a promotional opportunity.
  • Watch out for auto tweets that could appear insensitive or inappropriate in light of a recent news event.
  • Double check the integrity of any information that you pass along.

Of course, for your genuinely in-depth insights, you’ll have to lead your audience from Twitter to your website, blog, or other platforms. When they get there, they will have high expectations. By getting content creation help from professional writers at services like OkDissertations, you can ensure that your audience will find clicking over to be worthwhile.

4.    It’s Perfect For Networking

If influencer marketing and customer relationship building are a part of your overall marketing strategy, your Twitter marketing plans should dominate that. As you find the right conversations for sharing your insights and expertise and engaging with potential customers, you should also focus on connecting with brand ambassadors, potential customers, and influencers.

If it helps, think of Twitter as an ongoing networking event. There are just no drinks or appetizers, and you don’t have to get dressed or go out. It’s a platform for people seeking to make connections for one reason or another. You have to show up to take advantage of this.

Connecting With Influencers

Influencers are people who have established themselves as subject matter experts. They have already built up audiences on social media. Connecting with them can give you exposure to those audiences. It can also help to establish your path to become an influencer.

When an influencer is willing to connect with you, that’s huge. Later down the road, that relationship can lead to guest blogging opportunities, recommendations, and more. Twitter is the perfect place to start building these relationships because you can search for conversations by industry, hashtag, or influencer name.

Connecting With Brand Ambassadors

Connecting with influencers can help build your reputation and earn trust; with customers can help move people through the funnel, and increase enthusiasm for your products and services; with brand ambassadors allows you to reach out to and show appreciation for those who are already singing your praises.

Search for your company name and products on Twitter. Know who is consistently mentioning you in a positive context. Pay close attention to those who retweet you as well. When you find brand ambassadors, reach out to them. Seek out their opinions. Thank them for their loyalty and efforts to spread the word.

Building Customer Relationships

Of course, the primary purpose of Twitter is to build relationships with people through real-time conversations. This is what should be at the center of any Twitter marketing strategy. Define your target customer persona. Figure out the discussions they’re taking part in, and reach out to them.

5. You Can Use it to Develop Your Brands Personality

Several brands have gotten quite a bit of attention recently for using Twitter to be a bit humorous, quirky, or even risque. Wendy’s is, of course, quite well known for this. They’ve used their Twitter account to poke fun at other fast food establishments. Recently, followers became willing victims of the brand on ‘#roastme’ day. Charmin and Old Spice are two different brands that use Twitter in similar ways.

Because the nature of Twitter supports, short form, direct, and off the cuff engagement it is perfect for developing the lighter side of your brands’ personality. Even if you don’t go as far as the brands above did, feel free to use the platform to share jokes and trivia, and to partake in some light-hearted engagement with your audience.


Twitter might have developed into one of the most open social media platforms. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t to be taken seriously by digital marketers. It is far too useful a tool to be taken lightly.