4 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

by Zia A., posted 2 months ago
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Social media marketing managers are under a lot of pressure in the digital age. The focus has shifted from the number of eyeballs on a particular channel (back when network TV ruled the roost) to the number of followers on a particular platform. Today the importance of followers is two-fold: first, followers = influence, and influence = marketing power. The more followers you have, the more successful your brand is perceived to be. Second, gain more followers and you can reach a bigger audience, boosting brand awareness and converting more leads into sales. It’s a win-win, but sometimes it can be tough knowing where to start so we’ve tested four of the most common methods to increase your Twitter following, and are sharing the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision and reach your goals. Here’s the lowdown.

Option #1: Twitter Ads for Business 

($99 per month)

In November of last year Twitter launched the Twitter Subscription Ads Beta Program, where, for $99 a month, Twitter will automatically amplify your profile and tweets. This may seem like a good “always-on” option for managers who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to creating campaigns. You continue to tweet out your regular updates, links, and media, and, each day, Twitter Promote Mode will convert your first ten tweets into promoted content targeting your selected audience. Promote Mode will also run a Promoted Account campaign which will increase your reach, attract visitors to your profile, and add followers interested in your brand.

Their page claims that, on average, accounts will reach 30,000 additional people and add 30 followers each month. But industry reception has been a little underwhelming (read Buffer’s review of the service here and check out an example for a Twitter Ads’ user below), with some people lamenting the lack of flexibility in the service (you can’t choose which tweets to promote and many say the service offers less robust targeting compared to Twitter’s existing ad platform).

Twitter ads

Twitter Subscription Ads is currently in beta. Twitter has announced plans to include higher priced tiers for larger accounts in the future, that will focus on reaching even more people.

If your goal is qualified followers (i.e. followers who are likely to be interested in your brand), this might be a good option to consider. With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter has the scale and the data to promote your account to a large and highly targeted audience (something that other follower-growth services can’t offer). Plus, you can track the reach of your campaign through the mobile-optimized dashboard, seeing how many people saw your tweets (both the organic reach and promoted reach), the number of followers you’ve gained, the number of profile visits, and the performance of individual tweets.



Option #2: Advertising with 3rd Party Sites

(from $29 per month for Twitter Counter’s Promoted Accounts)

Another option is to grow followers through a 3rd party site like Twitter Counter’s Promoted Accounts service. With this monthly service, you can choose your campaign size, target your audience by country, and set the pace of your campaign (depending on the number of impressions you purchase, your campaign will run between one day to several weeks). Plus the service can be cancelled at any time, making it a flexible option for managers working with shifting budgets.

The service promotes your account across top user pages and affiliated websites on Twitter Counter and sister website Twitaholic, allowing you to target a real audience. Detailed reports let you see how many impressions your campaign has received, how many followers you’ve gained, and easily keep track of your ROI.

Twitter Counter estimates that featured users gain 1 new twitter follower for every 100 views (a 1% conversion, which is pretty standard for online advertising). But this isn’t flipping a switch. To maximize your growth you still need to tweet regularly and interact with your followers. As with all social media, you’re more likely to attract people if you keep them engaged with interesting content.


3rd party sites like Twitter Counter can be a more affordable option compared to Twitter’s Subscription Ads (check out their easy to use slider to compare spend vs. views). You’ll still reach qualified users, using geographic targeting and there’s reduced risk that you’ll run into trouble with Twitter guideline violations using a reputable site. The estimated conversion rate is definitely more favourable (1% vs. 0.1% with Twitter’s Subscription Ads) but, as with any campaign, you’ll need to support growth with a solid content and engagement strategy.


Option #3: Growth Hacking

(from $9 per month with a service like TweetFavy)

With sensational headlines like “Growth Hacking 5,000 Twitter Followers in Three Weeks” and sites that promise “up to 10,000 FREE Twitter followers to anyone, anywhere at anytime!” it’s easy to be tempted by growth hacking as an option to increase your Twitter followers fast.

(Sidenote: growth hacking is basically finding a way to “cheat” the system and achieve rapid growth on a selected platform. There are different types, including mass follow / unfollow – where you follow and unfollow a large volume of accounts to entice people to follow you back – and mass favourites / likes – where large numbers of favourites attract attention and users are intrigued to follow your account.)

Some people tout growth hacking as “being smart and ensuring you optimize content, timing and audience.” Others say hacking engages “grey-area tools that are potential privacy and security risks.” The truth is, it depends.

Services like TweetFavy and Narrow (which use a mass favourite / like approach), Quuu (which helps curate relevant content), or Crowdfire (which uses mass follows / unfollows) claim to “attract relevant users to your profile.” And, with responsible above-board tactics (there’s a great example for Twitter in this post), growth hacking can help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. But veer into seedier territory and you may be swapping good planning and solid strategy for instant results that don’t set your business up for sustainable growth.



Growth hacking can be a budget-friendly option but you get what you pay for. It comes with the very real risks of spamming and littering your profile, achieving a large following at the expense of key performance ratios (like your following:follower ratio), and even having your account suspended (Twitter can, and often does, suspend accounts they deem to be using aggressive acquisition tactics or displaying characteristics of automated growth hacking). But not every growth hacking tool is bad, so do your homework, read reviews, and, remember this rule – if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Option #4: Buying Followers in Bulk

(from $10 for 500 followers with a service like Devumi to $2449 for 500,000 followers on Twipeak)

We’ve talked here before about the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers. Pros: a boost in followers can give you more influence and position your brand as a success. Cons: if the followers are fake, they may do more harm than good.

Buying followers gets a bad rap, but sites like Twitter Boost (, starting at $12 for 1000 followers) promise real, high-quality followers “most likely to fully interact with, like, and spread the message of your Twitter page!”

There are literally thousands of options out there, some better and some worse. If you’re thinking of trying a buy, be sure to do some research on which sites are the most reliable before you lay out any cash.



This, alongside growth hacking, is the cheapest option to beef up your numbers, but keep in mind that the followers you gain are often super low quality (mostly fake bots) and easily detectable by audience analysis tools. Worst case scenario, this can result in a suspended account. The old adage, caveat emptor, holds true – buyer beware.



The net-net is, there is no one-size-fits-all tool. Every account and every brand has different goals and engages in different strategies. If budget isn’t an issue and you absolutely must have quality followers to boost your brand, Twitter’s Subscription Ads is the way to go. If all you’re after is numbers, and you don’t care about fakes and bots, you might consider “buying in bulk” options. If you’re looking for an advertising approach that’s less targeted than Twitter but provide real followers, 3rd party services such as Twitter Counter may be the best solution for you. There are several options in the market and no one better than you to understand what’s best for your brand but remember, long-term goals should always guide the way. Your brand and your reputation are priceless – don’t do anything that will tarnish them. Good luck and see you in the Twitterverse!


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