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Top 5 Multimedia Tactics to Increase the Number of Twitter Followers

by Alexandra Hayes, posted 7 months ago
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Good news: adding media attachments like GIFs, polls, videos, and photos don’t count towards Twitter’s character limit. This means that you can use multimedia to boost the potential of your tweets and grab more followers. That’s good news for content marketers since most of them are focused on visual content anyway.

According to the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Twitter was the second most used platform for marketing in 2017 (68% of marketers used it). The type of content that marketers prefer is a pretty clear indication: visual images are in the main focus.

When you combine Twitter with multimedia, you get a brilliant marketing technique that can attract more followers. Clearly, that’s one of the most important goals for every content marketer and business owner on Twitter: to attract more followers. We’ll suggest 5 creative ways on how to do that.

1. Share Visual Calls to Action

When a call to action is presented through a simple tweet, it won’t attract much attention. When you present the call to action in a visually-appealing format, it will be much more successful.

For example, you can opt for a video that presents your product or service and offers a free trial. You may also share a nice graphic that will attract attention with vibrant colours and interesting design elements. The important thing is to make the call to action highly visual, so more people will see it.

2. Create Video Tutorials

Simple how-to and demonstration videos are easy and fun to watch. Even if a Twitter user has no intention to do the things your video suggests, they will still watch it if it’s cool enough.

Think: what kind of tutorial can you create for the specific project or business you’re promoting on Twitter? If it’s a website that offers training videos for subscribers, for example, you can create a how-to video on how to create a workout-inspiring environment at home. At the end of the video, you can invite people to follow your Twitter profile for more useful content. You may rest assured that many will do that.

3. Edit the Content

The videos you share on Twitter will probably involve subtitles so the narrative will be available even for those who watch them with the sound off. Also, each multimedia tweet will be accompanied with the usual, textual tweet. That means you still have written content to take care of, and that means you mustn’t skip the editing stage.

If you’re not a perfect writer or you don’t have time to bother with editing, you may rely on a special service or tool:

  • Edu Geeks Club is a professional editing service. You can hire a real editor, who will make sure your content is ready for sharing.
  • Grammarly is an automated tool that identifies grammar flaws in your text. Although it can’t be as good as a real editor, it still helps you spot basic mistakes.
  • Hemingway App is a tool that’s focused on making your content simpler and clearer.

4. Browse Through Your Media Library from Time to Time

The Media Studio, which replaced, gives you access to a well-organized media library, which holds all your media in one place. Do you remember that awesome post you shared a year ago? Well, you won’t have to scroll down the profile to find it and tweet it again. You can simply find it in the media library and use it as the foundation for a new tweet.

Keep in mind that relying on this practice too much will make your profile boring. You can repeat only the most popular content and don’t do it too soon. This will remind your audience of something cool they saw on your profile and also get you to new retweets. They attract new followers your way.

5. Share Live Videos

Twitter users love getting news and information from this platform. The live video is one of the best ways to meet those needs. It creates the sense of urgency. If the topic is great, many people will want to watch the video while you’re broadcasting it. That’s how they get direct access to first-hand information.

You may broadcast a live video from the offices or a unique destination that people would love to explore. You may also offer insights into a VIP event related to your business, so you’ll trigger the interest of your target audience to follow your profile.

Multimedia content can spread the word about your business. When you share it through Twitter, it will build brand awareness and attract more followers in a unique way. If you follow the tips above, it will be easy for you to harness the power of multimedia content!