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15 Creative Ways How to Use Twitter Marketing for Your Business

by Alexandra Hayes, posted 7 months ago
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If you are aware of the influence social media has on businesses, you surely use Twitter to sell and make connections. Whether you are a celebrity, an established brand, a news source or B2B marketer, Twitter has the ability to share information in an instant. Such instant action leads to better connections, conversions, and engagement from the audience.

Of course, this all applies if you know how to use Twitter as part of your marketing strategy. To lend you a hand, we created a list of 15 ways you can use Twitter to achieve your goals.

1. Optimize the Twitter Background for Better Visualization

Twitter allows you to change the colours and visuals on the profile page. Take this opportunity to provide as much relevant information about the business to all those who find your profile on social media.

A good Twitter background may take some time to create, but you can always check some examples and instructions that will take you on the right path.

2. Make Lists of People You are Following

You are probably following many people for your business needs including customers, other businesses, suppliers, competitors, and peers. This number will grow with your business. It is not a bad thing at all but when this happens, you must ensure that you get the most important messages out of that crowded profile. Make lists and organize the groups of people you are following.

3. Update the Profile Picture

Your profile picture will accompany every tweet you make. So, make no mistake – the profile picture is equally important as the messages you are sending to your followers, sometimes even more important.

4. Make a Conversation List

Create a private list to get involved in various conversations. Mind that the list should include only those people who inspire you and are fun to talk to.

5. Rewrite the Bio on Twitter

You can make a mistake in a tweet or change your mind after that tweet has reached an audience. This can easily be fixed since you will write many tweets and improve your strategies along the way. But when it comes to your Twitter bio, you must make it right from the very beginning.

If you are out of ideas or lack writing skills, use all the help you can get. Many apps like Hemingway or Grammarly go a long way in proofreading your content. Moreover, proofreading and writing services like Best Dissertation can serve you as a great help.

6. Create a Good Follow Strategy

Do not follow everyone who follows you. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will fill up your stream with bots and basically, garbage.

7. Create a Landing Page

A Twitter landing page is a key to bringing more traffic to your website. Pay attention to it and use this page as your profile web address.

8. Read Tweets on Regular Basis

If you want to be a better marketer, you must pay attention at all times. Listen and follow important people carefully. Their Tweets will tell you about their needs and their replies and mentions will show you the right way to handle your business.

9. Go Public

If you want to have your brand recognized, it is time to publicize the account. Add the username to all the materials you use for business, including the website, email newsletter and signature, business cards, product information sheets, paperwork you share with customers, etc.

10. Follow the Customers

Twitter is one of the best platforms to build a connection with the customers. To build it via the network which works only by making connections, you need to follow the customers. You won’t know them and what they need unless you start following them.

11. Add Photos to Tweets

People enjoy looking at photos. In fact, they are much more likely to read the content you share if you include beautiful and grabbing attention pictures in your tweets.

12. Renew the Old Topics

You will experiment along the way, and this is good. But, it also means that some of your topics will be very random and not at all effective for your strategy. Every once in a while, get back to the old topics and renew them.

13. Engage the Influencers

Finding influencers is not half as hard as you may think. Try to find them as soon as possible and work on establishing long-term relationships of value to your business. Some tools you can use for this are BuzzStream and LinkedIn Advanced Search.

14. Catch the Attention of Prospects

Participate in the important conversation with your prospects. You can choose to go with a one-to-one targeted conversation, one-to-many massive advertising technique, or many-to-many large audience conversation.

15. Answer Questions

People will try to reach you and get the information they need, so ensure you have an excellent customer service on Twitter.

This list is just the beginning of your Twitter journey. Add your own tricks to it, and you can build incredible brand awareness in no time!