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7 Tips to Become a Twitter Influencer

by Nancy Spektor, posted 7 months ago
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Twitter has become one of the most influential social media networks. Since 2008 the number of Twitter users has risen from 6 million to 328 million, which makes it the ninth most popular network worldwide.

Twitter has also become a place of business where people can promote their products and services. Big companies choose Twitter to tell news about their products because this social network is the fastest way to get the message out.

If you want to become a Twitter influencer and share information about your services with the Twitter audience, here are 7 tips on how to improve your Twitter marketing.

1. Don’t connect Facebook and Twitter accounts

This is an option both Facebook and Twitter users usually activate, however, it’s strongly recommended not to do so. The reason is that both these social networks have different audiences, and what your Facebook audience expects from you, differs from what your Twitter audience wants to see.

As the culture of these two networks is very different, you risk alienating your followers if you combine Twitter and Facebook. Use Facebook for lengthier and more detailed posts, and keep your tweets brief and concise.

2. Don’t post links to your tweets

Apparently, the users who don’t post links in their tweets, get more attention than those who do. Take a look at the post by Elon Musk retweeted by Tesla.




As you can see, the first tweet without links had 174 thousand retweets and 493 thousand likes, and the second tweet has got only 8.2 thousand retweets and 25 thousand likes.

The reason why people react in such a way is that after they click or tap on the link provided in a tweet, it redirects them to a website where they have to read the full article. But Twitter is initially intended to provide people with brief information, and people mostly use Twitter to get the latest news in brief.

So if you have some news to tell your audience, try to put it in a few words and attach some graphic content like an image or a gif. This way you’ll attract more attention.

3. Use hashtags

By using hashtags in your tweets, you’ll attract more attention to your content. Hashtag (#) is a symbol that unites millions of tweets, and when people use hashtags, they can find similar tweets. If you use hashtags in your tweets, you will attract more followers and visitors.

Where can you find trending hashtags on Twitter that will be interesting for you?


If you click on the “Home” tab, you’ll see the hashtag list right under your personal information. Twitter offers you hashtags based on your subscriptions. But you can also find hashtags you’re interested in by typing “#” in the Twitter search bar.

Putting hashtags is one of the modern trends in social media, and many businesses use hashtags to promote their services. Besides, more Twitter users will find out about you if you create your hashtag. It can be the name of your company or the name of your best-selling product. Don’t underestimate hashtags. They can be used as a very powerful marketing tool.

4. Add images if you share links

Sometimes it’s necessary to post a link in a tweet. But the link itself won’t attract the attention of other Twitter users. But you can do it by adding an image. Let’s compare two tweets by @Honda and @Toyota.


From these tweets, we can see that Honda has posted a tweet with a link to a video, and Toyota included an image to a tweet with the link to their website. Honda got 17 retweets, and Toyota got 32 retweets. So, by including an image to your tweet makes your posts more visually attractive.

5. Tweet quotes that are related to what you do

By posting quotes, you let your audience know about the values you promote in your business. You can post quotes about anything that has something to do with what you do. “Recently one of our marketing specialists offered us to post quotes about writing”, says Timothy Johnson, a developer at A-writer. “We immediately got more likes and retweets, and people started commenting more on our posts.”

The best way to tweet a quote is to post it as a background for the news you want to tell your audience. By posting a quote, you can also give context to the link you’re adding to your tweet.

6. Post at optimal times

Many people don’t even think about it. But if you figure out when your audience reads your tweets, you’ll attract more followers.

Twitter Counter‘s feature “Best times to tweet” can help you with finding out which are the most engaging days and hours to tweet.


7. Write an intriguing bio

You must have already seen that many Twitter users write “see details in the bio”. Bio provides the details about you, can contain links to other social media profiles and the website of your company.

There are many good ways to write a captivating Twitter bio: you can use keywords to attract the audience you want or use humour. Either way, don’t forget to be yourself.

Wrapping up

Twitter is a great tool for social media marketing and promoting your service or product. Keep up with the latest trends and your business will be on the crest of the wave!