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The 6 Types of Social Media Content That Maximize Engagement

by Zia A., posted 9 months ago
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Social media is a conversation. When you’re a social media marketer, that conversation is usually between your audience and your brand. And, as anyone who’s ever been on a first date surely knows, when the conversation is good it flows easily and encourages things to progress. When it’s bad? Well, a second date likely isn’t in the cards. So how do you leverage social media to leave a great first impression? What should you be posting to boost your engagement and interaction? Here are six types of content you need to try ASAP.

Type No.1: Multimedia Content

If there’s one tip we cite time and time again on our blog it’s this:

Picture and video content is one of the fastest ways to boost engagement across any platform.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without. On Facebook, image posts see 2.3 times more engagement. Video content is projected to represent more than 80 percent of all web traffic by 2020. Even in your personal feeds, you’ve probably noticed that images receive more likes, shares, and comments. Bottom line? Audiences like the stuff they can look at and watch so if you want your followers to engage, try posting relevant, high-quality multimedia content and watch your numbers rise.

types of social media content that drive engagement


Type No.2: Infographics 

You might argue that infographics fall under the umbrella of multimedia, but we think these often-colourful, always-informational, graphic aids deserve their own hurrah.

Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x as often as any other form of content. They also continue to perform months, even years, after they’re originally published. Engagement and longevity? Seems like kind of a no-brainer then to use them when and where you can.

Create infographics that cover important topics for your particular industry/genre/niche. Use a service like Canva to make them pop (that’s marketing speak for “attractive”) and, last, but certainly not least, make sure you brand the piece with your logo and a link back to your site or blog. That way, with every share, awareness of your brand will grow, and so will your network.

types of social media content that drive engagement 

Type No.3: User-generated Content 

You know how, when you were young, your mom used to make you put on that itchy wool sweater your Aunt Barbara knitted for your birthday one year, whenever you went to visit? Thank your mom for a valuable marketing lesson: people like to see stuff they’ve made.

It’s the same with user-generated content –testimonials, reviews, reposts, or anything else – posting customer-created content makes customers feel “loved” by your brand (just like Aunt Barbara). It can help build trust and loyalty. It can even expand your community if your customers brag about being featured to their network of followers, family, and friends.

Monitor your social platforms. Find content that features your product. Then repost it, with credit back to the source. You won’t just be creating content, you’ll be creating goodwill.

types of social media content that drive engagement 

Type No.4: Blog Posts

Blogs are a fantastic way to hone your brand personality and develop a position as a leader in your industry. They’re also a super popular way to boost engagement on social media. In a recent study, 38% of marketers said blogging was the most important form of content for their business (clearly we agree).

Choose your blog topics selectively. Obviously relevant content is at the top of the list, but you should also search for intriguing topics that your competitors aren’t covering making it more likely that, if your audience is searching for the answer to that particular question, you’re the one they’ll turn to. Make sure your posts are well positioned to attract eyeballs, with a catchy headline, to optimization for SEO. Share your posts on all your social media platforms and feel free to tag influencers or sources you’ve referenced, furthering your brand reach.

types of social media content that drive engagement 

Type No.5: How-to Content 

How-to guides are the real deal – a chance to share something useful with your audience and genuine clickbait in the best possible sense. When done properly (i.e. when they deliver something your audience is hungry for), people can’t resist a “How-to” guide and they can be shared again and again as evergreen content, giving you a great ROI.

They say the perfect post is 1500 words but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Just keep in mind that the more comprehensive your guide, the more likely it is to be read and shared. The flip side of that coin is keeping thing well laid-out and easy to read. There’s a reason this blog post isn’t one hunk of continuous, single-spaced text (because you likely wouldn’t read it) – bullet points, subheads, and white space is your friends here. Use them to take your audience on a journey from start to end.

types of social media content that drive engagement 

Type No.6: Real-time Trending Content 

If “how-to” content has an extra long shelf life, real-time trending content tips the opposite end of the scale. This is the content equivalent of an ice cream cone on a hot summer afternoon – use it or lose it kid.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Real-time trending content can be one of the fastest ways to give your engagement a boost. According to an Economist Group survey, 67% of buyers responded best to content that contained timely or unique information so leverage industry trends, pop culture phenomena, timely events, or worldwide viral content whenever and wherever you can, where appropriate. Not sure how to tell? Check out this guide.


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