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Building Your Twitter Marketing Strategy From Scratch

by Junaid Ali, posted 11 months ago
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Whether it is a media company in the USA or a software for website design in Dubai, the use of Twitter as a social media platform for effective marketing is on the rise. An estimated total of 500 million tweets is published every day. Though this is a very good thing for marketing teams, it also means that standing out and attracting users towards your company in this crowd of messages is a tough thing to accomplish.

Here are some tips that can enable you to start off your Twitter marketing right from scratch:

1. Strengthen your Twitter content


Strategically integrating your Twitter posts with content marketing can go a long way for your brand presence. The traditional approach of quality content can never go obsolete when it comes to the long-term generation of sales and combined with Twitter promotion, this can be even more effective.

Using Twitter can also allow easy analysis of what type of content gains more attention, likes and retweets. This, in turn, can drive your content creation tactics. Learning about the interest areas of your audience can lead to better and more focused brand management.

Because Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet (officially and so far, at least), it is important for the posts to be captivating, easy to read and to engage with. Using URL-shortening techniques is also a must in order to save space for words. Moreover, hashtags are an integral part of tweets nowadays and can help reach a maximum number of followers. At times, trending hashtags can also inspire content creation which will, in turn, allow engagement with your online market.

2. Interactive content for engagement

In the marketing world of 2017, using visuals is unavoidable for effective conversion rates. When promoting content, it is very important to consider images that you can post with it for increased interactivity.


The popularity of multimedia continues to grow and a recent Twitter survey found that 82% users engage with video content from brands. This is an opportunity for businesses to provide what customers seem to be responding to.

The recent upsurge in the use of GIFs is also a fun and interactive way to bank off the meme culture in order to increase sales.

3. Use Twitter to build your brand


Twitter provides your brand with an opportunity to join and benefit from a social conversation that the wider community is engaged in. Interplay with the issues rampant on Twitter in order to build a strong brand image for your company. Employing a brand guide is an idea worth considering for this purpose.

The body of tweets associated with your brand should have a cohesive narrative which showcases the superior nature of your brand. The notion of sponsored hashtags can also immensely contribute to building an image for your brand.

Tactically crafted Twitter profiles and bios are a must-have because they allow your audience to trust your company. Getting a verified account is an even better step and instantly gives your company credibility.

4. Evaluate results

Measuring your Twitter marketing is important if your team wishes to improve and learn from missteps. Through analysis and evaluation, you can see exactly what kind of content and posts do your followers engage with and what they respond positively to. This allows you to diminish or accentuate certain topics of content accordingly.

Services like Twitter Counter or Twitter Analytics can be of great use in this case as it gives you a very comprehensive overview of how each one of tweets is performing, which tweets are more engaging and which is garnering the most likes or replies. Just the number of followers isn’t enough to declare one’s marketing successful; engagement rates are necessary for measuring success. Some ways to do this are through analysis of traffic your posts generate,

Some ways to do this are through analysis of:

  • Traffic your posts generate
  • The number of clicks
  • Retweets count
  • Number of replies/quotes

Actually, replies are often considered the most important measure of successful engagement because it means that people are willing to converse. This is a sign that meaningful connections are being made with followers.

Tracking your followers’ interests and demographics should also be included as it will allow you to tailor an effective marketing strategy.