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Twitter Marketing Tips & Tools: How to Increase Organic Follower Growth & Engagement

by disha, posted 11 months ago
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Twitter followers are some of the most fickle people in the world. One day they are your followers and the next day, they’re not. Increasing your Twitter following organically is extremely important for business success. In fact, 47% of marketers attest that Twitter is crucial for successful customer engagement. Here are some tips that you can implement to get noticed more quickly on Twitter:

Put Twitter analytics tools to use

Twitter analytics tools like Twitter Counter will help you understand your engagement and learn how to boost it. Using Twitter Counter, you can analyze how your followers respond to your tweets, and identify influencers whom you can work with to expand your brand’s online presence.

Create and publish interesting content

It’s extremely important to curate and publish content that is current, relevant and refreshing. Doing so will keep your followers engaged and will make you more appealing to prospective followers.

DrumUp‘s new image editing feature allows users to curate and create beautiful images that can be customized with text and effects. The tool helps users create static images, GIFs, videos, and memes.

DrumUp also allows users to schedule publication of these images and content at various times of the day. The ideal social media scheduling tool, DrumUp’s image editing feature will add great value to your follower engagement and new follower acquisition activities.

Make your images alluring

A recent research by Hubspot revealed that tweets with images in them generate retweets as high as 150% than tweets that contain only text. Humans are visual creatures and the best way to create a lasting impact is to include images in your tweet.

Hashtags still matter

Using hashtags will increase your visibility on Twitter. When non-followers use the same hashtags that you have, there is a higher chance of their viewing your tweets. Use relevant hashtags and those that are currently trending, to get the best results.

Time of the day matters when you post

Twitter has 328 million active monthly users, as of 2017; and these users come from across the world. When you use Twitter for your marketing activities, the world is your oyster. Acquiring global followers is the first step towards your foray into international markets. Use social media scheduling tools to schedule your posts at various times of the day. This way you’ll have better visibility among users from different countries.

Retweet for best results

Twitter has a rising user base, with thousands of people signing up each day. Retweeting your old tweets can help you get noticed by new users, who may subscribe to your opinions. Additionally, retweeting your follower’s tweets can help you gain a wider follower base, as you are now visible to your follower’s followers too.

Tickle your audiences’ funny bone

Humorous tweets, jokes and funny memes hold audience attention. Posting humorous tweets can help you gain the followers you want. People are more likely to follow pages and people who post funny content than those that post serious information. Leverage the power of humor to reach out to users on Twitter.

In fact, it’s been observed that humorous content resonates best with millennials and new age Twitterati.

Twitter influencers will be of great help

Forging connections with Twitter influencers will take you a long way in acquiring followers of your own. Twitter influencers provide fodder for discussions amongst Twitterati. They can evoke strong emotions and reactions from people. Reaching out to such influencers and retweeting their posts can increase your visibility and your follower base.

Add a “Click to Tweet” link in your website

A recent research revealed that about 81% of millennials open their Twitter account at least once daily and 60% of them post once a day. With such great usage statistics, it’s important to understand how great a value Twitter will add to your customer acquisition efforts. Including a ‘Click to Tweet’ link in your blog or website will help you gain more followers on Twitter, by directing both Twitter and non-Twitter users towards engaging with you.

Twitter promoted advertisements can bring in great visibility

Add paid adverts in your Twitter feed to generate greater click-through and increased visibility. Users who don’t follow you currently may click the ad and land on your website or Twitter account. They may even have to visit your page to access a particular advertisement. This will generate greater number of followers for your account.

With so many people, pages and brands vying for attention from the same user base, it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. But, following the above tips and using social media scheduling tools, will help you connect with your existing follower base and get greater visibility in non-follower groups. At the end of the day, increasing your follower base on Twitter will help you gain customers.