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We’re Rocketing Into the Future with

by Omer Ginor, posted 9 months ago
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Hey there my friends in social media. I want to share with you news about some exciting stuff happening at Twitter Counter these days, things that are going to take us to new levels in social media management and give you better tools to do your job. Are you ready for this evolution?

A Decade of Twitter Counter, Masters of the Twitterverse

For the past 9 years, Twitter Counter has been proudly delivering Twitter Analytics to more than 50,000 brands both big and small. What started in 2008 as an experiment by our founder Boris, became one of the world’s most prominent analytics tools for Twitter marketing professionals, a responsibility we take very seriously, working tirelessly to deliver better, faster, and more relevant information to our users, every single day.

Today we provide free statistics covering more than 350 million Twitter accounts and actively track and serve over 2 million awesome users. It’s safe to say that, where Twitter is concerned, we’re “masters of the Twitterverse.” But what comes next?


Today we are over-the-moon excited to introduce is the evolution of Twitter Counter. Its ultimate ambition is to simplify social media management and deliver the right information to the right accounts so that you can make better decisions and reach your marketing goals.

Our long-term mission is to reduce information overload and deliver only the signals and info you need in order to take action for your brand, reducing your workload and making you a lean, mean, social media marketing machine.

While you won’t find charts, graphs, or CSV exports in the new, you will find our latest attempt to deliver answers to your most pressing social media challenges, all within one powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use tool.

We’ve Heard Your Requests

Throughout our almost 80,000 hours of experience working with social media managers we’ve been listening to your comments and requests. The first realization for us there was that you have a tough job and that it’s getting increasingly tougher.

The average social media professional is managing 2-4 social platforms, with targets that can sometimes feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole in a landscape that changes as often as the latest iOS. For many of you, there’s simply not enough time in the day to tackle everything you need to get done. We heard you and we’re ready to help with a new platform that today covers Instagram and Twitter, but tomorrow is planned to grow into a tool which has ‘got your back’ on social media. That means covering all the major platforms.

We Can’t Do It Without You

Have we nailed it straight out of the gate? No, not yet. Like the very first iPhone, there are always a few blips in the early days of something big and we won’t pretend the platform is perfected yet, but with your help and feedback, we can create a tool that will help focus your efforts, build relationships, and eventually provide timely and relevant insights and opportunities, covering all your social media marketing needs.

We’re starting with humble roots, beginning with the challenge of identifying audiences with the greatest potential before moving on to optimizing tactics and increasing engagement. Eventually our goal is to address these three biggest challenges for social media marketers, giving you a platform that produces the biggest bang for your social media buck.

We’ve already tackled some important issues in the current version of the product, including:

  • How do I define my audience?
  • Who should I engage with?
  • Who will drive maximum user engagement in my niche?
  • How can I track the people that matter, especially when they say something relevant to my brand?
  • What are the most successful accounts posting about?
  • What accounts and topics should I engage with for best results?
  • How can I stay on top of people who are interacting with my brand?
  • All this and more to come.

Is there a learning curve? No doubt. But with the help of our amazing community of alpha and beta testers we’re ready to conquer it with creativity, innovation, and lightning fast speed.

Are You a Pioneer?

We’re pouring our heart and soul into (not to mention an astonishing amount of brain power by our talented team) but, as the saying goes, it often takes a village. If you’re someone who demands perfection, hang tight and we’ll be in touch when our product is perfect. But for the pioneers, the visionaries, the thought-leaders, the early-adopters, the curious, the adventurers, the brave, we’ve got a proposal for you…

We invite you to shape the future of social media marketing with – JOIN OUR AMAZING COMMUNITY OF ALPHA USERS and take this new tool for a spin. Share your thoughts, your feedback, your suggestions, and we’ll incorporate them to build a social media analytics tool that delivers exactly what you need, covering new topics and even better features and services as we evolve.

What about Twitter Counter?

If you’re wondering what’s going to happen to Twitter Counter now that is in the picture, rest assured that we don’t have a favorite child. I have 3 kids. The fact that a year ago we received a new baby girl doesn’t mean that I don’t cherish and see the value in my two older boys! Having this said, we’re continuing to invest in and improve Twitter Counter, most recently adding a high-availability web server infrastructure (reducing the time it takes to load charts) and improving the reliability and friendliness of our payments system. is a whole new product with a new approach.

Eventually, the two will merge and the world of social media marketing management will never be the same. That’s the plan anyway 😉

Don’t fall behind. Sign up for the Alpha community today and give us your honest and continuous feedback, so that we can keep delivering the efficient, customized, powerful tools that help you master your job.

See you on social media!
Omer, Twitter Counter CEO