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Back to School! Twitter Profile Review 101

by Zia A., posted 11 months ago
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September is here! And no matter how long we’ve been out of school, somehow it always feels like the start of a new year. Will you make the grade? Let’s find out with some back-to-school basics starting with Twitter Profile Review 101.

You know the expression, you never get a second chance at a first impression? Well your Twitter profile is that first impression and maybe the most important intro to your personal brand (particularly on Twitter, where your wit and charm have the added constraint of brevity.) So let’s take a look at what you can do to optimize your profile, and get you prepped to graduate with honors into the Twittersphere.

Here we go.

Twitter Name

If you’re still using @cosmo_gurl as your Twitter handle, we’re begging you, change it ASAP. We get that the odds of nabbing your own name, sans underscore or any other added yabba-dabba-do, are more or less equal to the odds of finding an original filler-free lip on any Kardashian, but try to get as close as possible. This isn’t an MSN chat room circa 1996.

Using your name will not only come across as more professional (especially a decade from now when @sweettart1994 has lost its appeal) but it will also help you connect all your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and create a more consistent brand presence.

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Profile Image

A picture is worth a thousand words (which comes in pretty handy when you’re limited to 140 characters). Take advantage of it! If your profile image is still an egg, it’s time to break out of your shell (ha! who saw that one coming?).

Post a fabulous photo of you, smiling, looking friendly and inviting. Or, at the very least, like someone who has something interesting to say. Or, if you’re tweeting for business, post your logo or a relevant image.

For added brand awareness keep your profile image consistent across all your platforms and make sure your images are high-res and #flawless.

twitter profile tips

Twitter Bio

Think of your Twitter Bio as the back cover of your autobiography (except shorter and catchier) – what do you want people to know about you in 160 characters or less? Talk about your interests (or the topics you Tweet about), prioritize (the fact that you once took 3rd place in a three-legged race might not make the cut), and include key words (the words people might use to search for you or someone like you).

Your Twitter bio is one of the most helpful tools to convince people why they should follow you. Since you’re constantly evolving as a brand or individual, make sure your bio keeps up.

twitter profile tips


You know that hashtags can help boost your tweets, but did you know they can also play an important role in your bio? Hashtags can help increase reach and visibility for your account among new audiences that are most likely to engage with your content, so use them wisely. By adding hashtags that are relevant to your industry, or that people may search most often, your can help your account pop up in Top Searches and Accounts results, or even just get onto the radar of people who might not otherwise know you exist.

Twitter lists

Is the Lists section of your Twitter profile empty? If so, then you’re missing out on one of the most helpful features on Twitter. Twitter lists help you organize and manage your Twitter experience. They can also increase the visibility of your account, boost influencer engagement, and help monitor the competition. Talk about a multitasking list!

Pinned tweets

Pinning tweets is one of the most useful – and overlooked – aspects of a Twitter profile. You can leverage these tweets for branding, awareness, conversion, web traffic, or a heap of other goals. A pinned tweet will stay at the top of your profile until you unpin it or pin something new, so use it when you want to promote a new launch, product, post, or when you want to give your tweets an extra boost.

twitter profile tips

Include a URL

Even if you don’t have a blog or a website, include a URL that links to a more complete profile like LinkedIn or even Facebook. Think of this as your call to action and another opportunity to engage with your audience.

Edit the List of Who You’re Following

Raise your hand if, when you first signed up to Twitter, you went a little follower-happy. You followed your postman, your neighbor, your friend’s uncle Bob. The girl who works at your local coffee shop and does open mic nights with her ukulele and her chihuahua. You were young and naïve. You’re forgiven. But now it’s time to take a hard look at the list of people you’re following and edit, edit, edit.

Pay attention too to your ratio of followers to following – if you’re following 3471 people and have 42 people following you back, it looks like you’re an indiscriminating novice. Go slow and be choosy. In the end, your list should consist only of accounts that are relevant and interesting. Everyone else doesn’t make the cut.


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