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11 Tools to Improve Your Social Media Productivity and Give You More Time in Your Day

by Zia A., posted 9 months ago
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A study by influencer marketing agency Mediakix earlier this year reached an almost-unbelievable conclusion:

The average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. For. Five. Years. Crazy!

Unless you’re a social media marketing manager, in which case, forget five years – the reality is probably close to double or more.

Managing social media is a tough gig! With so many different platforms, so much information, and an overwhelming number of tools, finding enough hours in the day to work and (hopefully) sleep can be a challenge. We’re here to help. Let’s take a look at 11 of the best tools currently available and how they can help you make the most of your social presence at every stage.


Best for… content curation

Finding amazing content to tweet can be a hassle, but with a good system in place, this part of your job can become a source of endless inspiration.


Everypost makes it easy to curate content and schedule your social media posts with customized items for each platform. Its strength is visual content curation, letting you easily find and pull images and videos from Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and your RSS feed.


Industry newsletters can be a great source of content. But if you’ve subscribed to a gazillion of them, opening your inbox in the morning may feel like opening Pandora’s box. Unroll.Me is a great tool that gathers all of these in one place so instead of a smorgasbord of newsletters, you get one email with a simple, compiled list of daily updates.


If the internet is a haystack, Feedly helps you find the needle. Customize this news aggregator with all your favorite news sources and blogs into one stream so that every day you can immediately hone in on the articles and images you want to share. Feedly also shows the number of shares for each piece – a great way to quickly understand the buzz around a topic.


Tailwind is an amazing, visually-focused curation tool for Pinterest and Instagram. You can schedule multi-board pins, post bulk uploads, and manage multiple accounts. Their schedule optimization feature also gives you info on when your audience is most engaged.


Best for… content creation

Once you’ve identified your content, it’s time to craft some killer posts.


Twibble is a cool tool that will automatically post your latest blogs to Twitter with accompanying visuals (and we already know that tweets with visuals consistently get higher engagement). All you need to do is set up the RSS feed, specify how often you want to tweet, with what hashtags, and attributes. Twibble will take care of the rest.


It seems like every time we step foot into a co-working space or a hipster café, there are at least half a dozen people with Canva up on their screen. Why? Because this site is giving non-designers a simple, easy-to-use tool to create drool-worthy layouts for social media and more. Pick a template. Drag and drop. You can upload your own visuals and build something from scratch or take advantage of Canva’s amazing library of existing graphics. Your posts have never looked so good.


Best for… scheduling

Question: what’s one of the biggest time sucks in managing social media? Did you guess “scheduling content”? If so, ding ding ding! You win a prize! And your prize is these tools that are going to offload this monotonous task and free you up for the more exciting parts of your job.


Buffer promises to help you save time managing your social media by giving you a tool to schedule content across across all of the most widely used channels. You can customize posts based on platform and Buffer will also optimize the timing of your posts and track links so you can see what’s getting the most attention. Bonus: Buffer also communicates with Twitter Counter, giving you more power with every post.


Hootsuite’s auto scheduler lets you maintain a social media presence across all major platforms 24/7, so it works even when you’re not. It’s easy to add accounts, schedule posts, and add account managers (if you’re working in a team) and the library of resources addresses not just tactics, but strategy, making you a smarter manager in the process.


Best for… analysis and monitoring

It’s not enough to be on social media, you also want to know how it’s performing for you and where you can improve. Enter monitoring and analysis.


TweetDeck is kind of a wildcard – you can use it to schedule tweets, but its true power is its real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement capabilities. Use Tweetdeck to keep track of interactions with your accounts, monitor hashtags and keywords, and engage with your followers faster and easier than ever.

Twitter Counter

When your to-do list has run below the fold (in 8pt font no less) it’s time for a tool that will give you a heap of useful insights in the least amount of time. Twitter Counter serves up a quick overview of your audience growth, engagement rate, and most successful content in an easy-to-use report, with just one click.


With Hubspot not only can you monitor and publish items, but you also get closed-loop reporting data, giving you insights into what posts and channels are driving actual leads and sales.

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