These 10 Tips Will Boost Followers And Keep Your Twitter Audience Engaged

by Zia A., posted 10 months ago
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On average, there are more than 500 million tweets sent per day and over 317 million active Twitter users each month – that adds up to a whole lotta content, and with those stratospheric numbers, it’s easy to see how your tweets might get lost in the fray. But don’t despair because we’ve rounded up 10 easy tips to make sure your account doesn’t go unnoticed. Read on and discover how you can take a piece of that 500 million tweet pie and stay on top of your Twitter game.

Tip No.1: Tweet more images, GIFs & video

Have you heard the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, it also applies to Twitter. Beginning with the Great Layout Change of 2015, through to the most recent changes introduced last month (including full-screen photo displays that include tweets), visuals are an important part of the Twitterverse. Case in point? Tweets with images are retweeted up to 3x more than tweets without. Add a GIF and your tweet, on average, will generate 6x more engagement. Super charge with video and that number increases to 9x!

keep twitter audience engaged

Tip No.2: Content is king

Twitter might have begun as a platform to share what you had for lunch, but those days are loooooong gone. Today, as with every other information medium, people’s attention span is short and content is king. And while writing award-winning prose in 140 characters can be a challenge, there are a few ways you can optimize your posts.

keep twitter audience engaged

keep twitter audience engaged

Tip No.3: Mention others in your tweets

In the land of Twitterquette (and yes, that’s totally a thing) sharing is caring. It’s good form (not to mention, good for your tweets) that when you share an article / a post / an image / a quote, to mention the source in your tweet. Not only is it good karma, but your post is also more likely to get RT’d or at least favorited. Plus, it’ll put you on that person’s radar, potentially initiating a conversation and boosting your cred. 

Tip No.4: Use hashtags

Using hashtags is not only a brilliant way to organize your content, but they can also help define your brand and get you discovered. Think of hashtags as a gateway to different Twitter communities. Be strategic and stay relevant. You don’t always have to go for the global trending topic – find a niche hashtag that’s relevant to your brand and tweet away!

keep twitter audience engaged

Pro tip: Don’t overdo it! After that third hashtag, engagement drops by 17%.

Tip No.5: Know when to post

There are quite a few tools to help you keep track of when your followers are online (including Twitter Counter!). Use one so you can adjust your schedule for maximum reach.

keep twitter audience engaged

Tip No.6: Get more followers

Twitter is a numbers game. More Twitter followers = more chances of RTs and mentions. Of course, if you’re already following our tips then you’ll definitely be growing your audience, but there are other ways to help you see those numbers increase. Unlock the power of a larger audience for your account.

Tip No.7: Use the right words

I know what you’re thinking: asking for a retweet on Twitter screams needy and dependent, but science says otherwise. Words like “please”, “help”, “blog” and “retweet” (when spelled as a word instead of just using “RT”) are just some of the key words that yield the most retweets. So don’t be shy. Ask for what you want and watch those RTs come flooding in.

keep twitter audience engaged

Tip No.8: Tweet often

Nobody wants to follow an idle account (just think back to when Lady Gaga was dethroned as Twitter Queen by Katy Perry thanks to inactivity). Twitter accounts that tweet infrequently are unlikely to grow. Why? Because Twitter is a relationship with a gajillion people and it takes work, it takes staying connected, it takes commitment. Are you up for it? Let’s see. Try and tweet every day (at an optimized time, as mentioned in Tip No.5). If you can’t, then sign up for a service like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or Buffer that will schedule and post your tweets for you, leaving you to concentrate on your biz.

Tip No.9: Less is more

You might have 140 characters at your disposal to say what you want, but that doesn’t mean that you must use them all. Twitter science shows that tweets with fewer characters get more retweets, with the sweet spot being between 70 and 100 characters.

keep twitter audience engaged

Tip No.10: Analyze, analyze, analyze

If you’re following all the other tips but missing this one, then congratulations, but shame on you. Analyzing what’s working and what isn’t is essential if you want to get serious about your Twitter presence. That means setting up professional Twitter stats for your account and monitoring your interactions.

Time to put those tips into action and engage with your Twitter followers! Here’s a little something to get you started. You’re welcome and good luck!

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