5 Things That Will Make You a Social Media Master

by Zia A., posted 11 months ago
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Alright social media mavens, today is your lucky day. Why? Because we’re revealing five awesome tips that will help skyrocket your social media engagement. Whether you’re a small biz looking to increase your customer base, or a solo flyer looking to improve your influencer scores, these tips will help you master the world of comments, shares, and likes. Read on, then go forth and conquer the (social) world!

Tip #1: Curate great content.

It’s true that social media may be the new frontier, but the old adage still rings true – content is king. Curate great content for your feeds. Share things that your audience will find entertaining, interesting, and/or relevant to their lives. Nobody wants a feed filled with junk so if you want to develop a reputation as a social media master, your top priority should be sharing things people want to see. Exactly what that is will be different for everyone. If you’re an aspiring comic book illustrator, your audience is probably more interested in your latest designs and not what your sister-in-law cooked for the 4th of July family picnic. Have a company that sells great tech? Sharing new developments in the field is likely a better fit than your OOTD. But whatever your particular schtick, the golden rule remains the same: present meaningful, useful content and your followers will reward you.

 increase social media engagement

Tip #2: Share the love and tag your collaborators or the people who inspired your post.

So you’ve followed Tip #1 and curated some killer content from other sources on the web; now it’s time to give credit where credit is due and tag them. Tagging people in your posts will help them find you and, in turn, interact with you. If you had a guest blogger, a co-author, or an interviewee, be sure to tag them in your post. If you’re replying to someone, be sure to tag them in your post. If you were inspired by someone else’s image/blog/comment/whatever, be sure to tag them in your post. Seeing a pattern here? Tag relevant folks and they’ll be more likely to see your post and engage, leading to higher rankings for some algorithms (like Facebook and Instagram) and making you an insta-hit!

increase social media engagement

Tip #3: Share videos to nab a fat slice of the social media pie.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how much is a video worth? A heck of a lot if you’re using it to drive engagement on your social accounts. Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video every single day. And 82% of Twitter users engage with posted videos, so if you want to grab attention, video is a great tactic. There is no one-size-fits-all for optimum length, but good general practice is between 30 and 60 seconds long for Facebook (closely followed by 2 minutes plus) and a maximum of 140 seconds on Twitter (easy to remember since it follows the now-familiar character count).

increase social media engagement

Tip #4: Schedule your social messages for the best times to reach your audience.

Pop Quiz!

If the majority of your audience checks their social media at 9:30am on Tuesdays, then posting at 10pm on a Sunday night is:

(a) An unexpected way to grab their attention.

(b) A stroke of brilliance.

(c) A waste of a post.

What’s the general rule when answering multiple choice? C. Always choose (c), and that includes now. Posting content when it’s unlikely to reach your audience is a waste of your time and of a potentially useful post. So when is the best time to schedule your social posts? The annoyingly accurate answer is, when the people you want to see the content are online. Thankfully the folks at CoSchedule spent some time analyzing and came up with these results, that are a little more specific.

LinkedIn -> Tuesday / Google+ -> Wednesday / Instagram -> Thursday

Pinterest -> Saturday / Facebook -> Sunday

increase social media engagement

But remember to take these with a pinch, no a tablespoon, of salt because it will still depend on your particular audience, your industry, your time zone – a whole host of factors. So test out different times or better yet, sign up for a service like Twitter Counter and get actionable stats that will tell you the best time to post.

Tip #5: Stay current.

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s surprising how many people forget to stick to current topics and timely events on their social accounts. It’s partly because life gets busy and it can be difficult to keep up. It’s partly because with the internet and Netflix and myriad other technological advances, we can watch whatever, whenever. This isn’t 2003 when everyone was glued to their TV on Thursday nights for NBC’s TGIT lineup. The last season of GIRLS aired at the start of the year but I only got around to watching it last week, that means no tweeting about how SPOILER ALERT Hannah and Adam should totally reunite, or how great it is that Ray has finally found love. Been there, done that, everyone’s moved on.

increase social media engagement

To make sure you don’t miss the boat, it’s useful to plan out an editorial calendar at the start of every year, or every 6 months, or even monthly, depending on the frequency of your posts. But whatever the time frame, take a look at what’s coming up that might be relevant to your audience, then stay on top of it to be part of the conversation as it’s happening. Don’t come tardy to the party – social media is one place where it’s not cool to be fashionably late.


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