12 Hacks to Increase the Click Through Rate on Your Tweets

by Zia A., posted 1 year ago
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Twitter can be a confusing space. Impressions? Followers? Likes? Retweets? How do you know when you’re doing well and when your account is heading for online obscurity? Well, while followers, likes, impressions, and retweets are important indicators, click through rates top the list. Why? Think of it like the levels of commitment in a relationship. A “like” is the Tinder match that sends you a quick text – promising, but not super invested. But a click-through, well that’s practically a proposal in the Twittersphere. A click-through tells you that not only did the person read your tweet, but they found it interesting enough to take action and click to read more. A social media win!

So how do you get people to click on your tweets? Here are 12 social media hacks that will help get the traffic you’ve been looking for (if only it were this easy in the dating world!):

Tweet at the right time

Tweeting when your followers are online is probably the easiest way to increase engagement, after all, if no one is around to see your tweet, did it really make a sound? Tweets that are posted on the weekends and on weekday afternoons usually have the higher click through rates, but this is just a starting point; you need to determine the right time for your specific audience (we have tools that will help).

Space out your tweets

Not only do you need to think about when to tweet, but also how often. Tweets that have sufficient time gaps between them, will have higher click-through-rates. So if you want to increase your CTR, make sure you leave some breathing room before and after your tweet.

Tweet images

Studies (like this one from Buffer) show that tweets with images result in a higher number of clicks, 18% more to be precise. Plus they keep your feed looking pretty. Win-win.


Hit the magic number

In the land of 140 characters, characters count! Exactly how much? According to social media strategist Dan Zarrella, tweets that run 120 to 130 characters drive more clicks.

click through rate tweets

Get more followers

CTR is a numbers game – the more followers you have, the more retweets you may get, and the higher your click-through-rate will be since you’ll reach a larger audience with every tweet. So work on getting more followers. Our Featured Campaigns is a great place to start.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

If you’ve ever been the victim of a Taylor Swift earworm, you know that repetition is key to retaining new information (like the lyrics to Shake it Off to name but one example). The same goes for your tweets – don’t assume that if you tweet something once, your entire audience has seen it. Repeat links throughout the week, or even throughout the day to cover different time zones. Bonus tip:  Be creative when repeating content and try not to use the exact same text every time.

click through rate tweets

Use trigger words

Dan Zarrella (as a social media guru, Zarrella’s name comes up quite often, clearly taking our point about repetition to heart), found that there are certain words and phrases that lead to higher click through rates on Twitter. What are the magic words?

Via. @. RT. Please. Check.

It’s like a strange version of Balderdash.

It also seems that tweets that use action verbs have higher click through rates than ones that use mainly nouns and adjectives. Grammar to the rescue!

Write interesting tweets

In addition to keywords, it’s also important to write well-crafted tweets. Tweets are just like headlines. They need to attract attention and entice the reader to click on the link, so think carefully about your text. Ask open-ended questions. Generate curiosity. Always leave them wanting more.


Using hashtags can make a huge difference to your CTR. An oft-cited study from Buddy Media found that adding hashtags can double engagement on your tweets.

click through rate tweets

Place links earlier

It might seem logical to place your link at the end of your tweet, but according to research, tweets that contain the link in their first quarter have higher click through rates.

click through rate tweets

Customize your links

Breaking news! Apparently, Twitter isn’t aesthetic-agnostic: people don’t like clicking on ugly links. Bitly found that that branded shortened links can increase click-through rates by 34%. So tighten things up and reap the rewards.

Ask nicely

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you want more click throughs, tell your readers. How? Use a clear call to action followed by a link, “Sign up now.” “Click here to read more.” “Download your copy today.” are a few good places to start.


Time to put science to work! Test out some of our tips and stay on top of new ones at Twitter Counter. We can help you gain followers, track engagement, and achieve your social media marketing goals. Start today at