16 Hilarious Twitter Accounts to Follow (and One That’s Definitely NSFW)

by Zia A., posted 1 year ago
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Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Disco who?

Disco-ver 16 of the funniest Twitter accounts that will have you snorting milk out your nose faster than you can say “retweet.”

Who are the funniest people on Twitter? After a very scientific survey (read: polling all our coworkers and friends), we’ve rounded them up into one tidy list. If you like to laugh, check out 16 of the most hilarious accounts to follow immediately for your morning guffaw.


Lane Moore is a writer for the Onion and the New Yorker. She’s appeared on GIRLS and her stand-up routine is pretty solid evidence that women are at least as hilarious as men (if not more). Her tweets are funny, true, and often funny because they’re true.

funniest Twitter accounts


Alright, including Conan in this roundup is what we call a no-brainer – he’s been a successful comedian and television host for like a bajillion years, of course the man is funny! But he’s also a great tweeter, who, despite his busy schedule, still takes time tweet what the rest of America is thinking.

funniest Twitter accounts


All the funny stuff that happens to you on the regular in your privileged, comfortable, first world life.

funniest Twitter accounts


According to the internet, Jenny Slate found out she was fired from Saturday Night Live by reading it online, but she has still emerged a winner, with a hilarious movie under her belt and her Twitter account that dishes out gems like this…

funniest Twitter accounts


This dancer-turned-comedian (turned Kickstarter-funded film producer) nails the awkward moments in life and turns them into Twitter gold.

funniest Twitter accounts


As far as tweets go, you can add these to the list of things that make you go hmmmmm.

funniest Twitter accounts


What do you get when you cross a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a quick-witted lover of pork burritos and sweet and salty coconut rice? Chrissy Teigen, that’s what.

funniest Twitter accounts


Oh someecards, what joy you bring to our lives! You’ve graduated to the big leagues, from e-cards to Twitter glory. Never stop.

funniest Twitter accounts


At 71 years old, Steve Martin should arguably not be a whiz at Twitter, but dagnabbit this senior can tweet!

funniest Twitter accounts


Writer. Editor. And a woman who has attended 17+ weddings and written a book about it. Tweets about encounters with crabby cab drivers and the undiscovered uses of almond milk.

funniest Twitter accounts


Ellen DeGeneres is funny and nice (a rare combination as every snarky comedian can aptly demonstrate). Her tweets are giggle-worthy, but best of all, she links to hilarious videos from her shows featuring some of today’s biggest celebs.

funniest Twitter accounts


Ryan Reynolds’ claim to fame? (1) His acting gigs alongside Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, and Helen Mirren. (2) His babe-tastic better half, the original Dame van der Woodsen. (3) His humorous musings on parenthood, brought to life in 140 characters or less.

funniest Twitter accounts


The Canadians are leading the charge with another funny Canuck. Kelly Oxford is a Los Angeles-based author and screenwriter from the Great White North, proving humour flourishes in sub-zero temps. She tweets mainly on motherhood, women’s issues, her obsession with Oprah, and, most recently, all things #antiTrump.

funniest Twitter accounts


Jeff Wysaski sees the world from a very different perspective. And that perspective is skewed, bizarre, sometimes questionable, and always hilarious.

funniest Twitter accounts


If you’re familiar with The Oatmeal site then you already know designer Matthew Inman’s quirky and deadpan illustration style. Get it in daily doses on your Twitter feed. Smiles and laughs are free.

funniest Twitter accounts


Girl can sing AND she’s funny? Double threat! Anna Kendrick turns her quirks into sharp commentary, with more than a few laughs along the way.

funniest Twitter accounts


And now for one more goodie that will make you LOL (but should definitely not be read at work, unless you work in a brothel, your lover’s art studio, or a very anonymous café)…


Not familiar with TFLN? That’s Texts From Last Night for the uninitiated. The account is a hilarious collection of embarrassing texts about sex, drinking, love, and life in the age of Tinder and modern romance.

funniest Twitter accounts

funniest Twitter accounts 

funniest Twitter accounts

What are your favorite funny accounts on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re looking to grow your following but don’t have the comedic chops of Louis CK then sign up for Twitter Counter and let us help. We can’t guarantee to make you funny, but we can definitely help raise your Twitter skills!