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The Top 10 Brands on Twitter Today

by Zia A., posted 1 year ago
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Almost four years ago we published a blog post on 17 Brands in Twitter’s Top 100. Well four years is a lifetime in the world of digital technology and social media (eight new iPhones have been released in that time – sidenote: that’s how we should all begin measuring time, in the number of new iPhone releases since a particular date. I digress.). Since it’s been a while, we decided it was time to update the list, so here’s a look at the Top 10 Brands on Twitter Today. Let’s see what’s changed.

In 2012 (accounting for and removing any celebrity handles – hats off to @katyperry who’s still retaining a solid lead in the number one spot) the #1 brand on Twitter was YouTube.

Drum roll please…

That remains the case today. Well done @YouTube.

There are a few shuffles to the lineup though.

Brands on Twitter 2012 vs 2016


2012 2016
1 YouTube @Youtube YouTube @Youtube
2 Twitter @Twitter Twitter @Twitter
3 Instagram @Instagram CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk
4 Twitter en español @Twitter_es Instagram @Instagram
5 CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk The New York Times @NYTIMES
6 Ubersocial @UberSoc Sports Center @SportsCenter
7 Twitpic @Twitpic ESPN @espn
8 FC Barcelona @FCBarcelona CNN @cnn
9 Programa Panico @programapanico BBC Breaking News @bbcbreaking
10 The New York Times @NYTIMES NBA @nba


What’s new?

Well for starters, it’s clear the public’s love of sports has pushed Sports Center, ESPN, and the NBA into Top 10 positions (gooooo team!). The New York Times and CNN Breaking News have made gains, while Twitpic, Ubersocial, FC Barcelona, Programa Panico, and Twitter en español have said “adios” to their leading spots.

Also, did you know that ALL of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are in Twitter’s Top 100, coming in at #11 (@KimKardashian), #54 (@khloekardashian), #57 (@kourtneykardash), #65 (@KendallJenner), and #70 (@KylieJenner)? Momager Kris Jenner must be ecstatic with those stats. FYI Beyoncé (@beyonce) is #99.

To give some context, here are where today’s top 10 brands rank within Twitter’s overall Top 100 (when you account for celebrity profiles in the mix):

Brand Rankings Within Twitter’s Overall Top 100

1 YouTube #6/100
2 Twitter #9/100
3 CNN Breaking News #16/100
4 Instagram #18/100
5 The New York Times #28/100
6 Sports Center #30/100
7 ESPN #31/100
8 CNN #33/100
9 BBC Breaking News #42/100
10 NBA #49/100

There are now four brands in the top twenty Twitter users (in 2012 there were two), and overall there are now 21 brands represented in the top 100 (in 2012 this number was 17). These brands all have at least 14 Million followers.

Where will things go from here? It’s tough to say. Social media is evolving at a rapid pace and brands are constantly being challenged to become savvier when it comes to their Twitter marketing and social media engagement if they want to keep up. One thing is certain, Twitter continues to grow, and as it does, brands will be forced to improve their social media marketing if they want to increase followers, ramp up engagement, and remain relevant.

At Twitter Counter, we keep track of Twitter’s top 10,000 accounts, and record trends and changes as they happen. Join us and let’s see what happens next year.

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