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Track more Twitter accounts with a single subscription

by Ana, posted 2 years ago
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We kickstarted 2016 with lots of ideas on cool new features while investing time on polishing some of the existing features you love. One of the most requested ones is the ability to connect more than one Twitter accounts under the same subscription. And guess what? We made it happen!

A few months ago we decided to ‘hide’ this function from the interface, rethink it and redesign it to better fit your needs. So let’s check what’s new!

One subscription, more accounts

If you manage more than one Twitter accounts, you can add them to your plan so that you can easily switch back and forth.

Adding accounts is super easy. All you have to do is click on your icon on the top right side of your profile. The only thing you need to make sure of before you start adding accounts, is that the account you are about to connect is a free account.



One master to rule them all

If you’re an agency or manage a larger team with different permissions to a number of different accounts, you’ll love this. What is great about the new multiple accounts feature is that all connected profiles are kept separate while having access to the same features.

The master account is the one that has access to the payment details for the plan and can add or remove accounts at will. So if you’re logged in as a sub account, you will not be able to see what other accounts are in the same plan or access subscription details.

Premium access for all

As soon as a new account is added to your plan it is immediately granted access to all premium stats available for your subscription, including audience insights, interactions stats, as well as reports. This means that while all connected accounts have access to the same premium features as the master account, their user experience is still kept independent.

Which plans have access to multiple accounts

Users with a Business subscription can add up to five accounts in their plan, whereas users with an Unlimited plan can add up to ten.

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