Four reasons why people follow brands on social media

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Research has shown that people have high expectations from brands on social media. But what is that triggers people to follow brands on social media? Let’s take a look at the top four reasons:

1. Promotions, special offers and giveaways

70% of people follow brands on Facebook for special offers, whereas on Twitter 52% of your followers are looking for promotions and special deals.

And while social media platforms are not the ideal place for cold sales, social media can help you generate leads and introduce potential customers into your sales funnel. According to Shopify, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are among the main sources of social traffic and sales for certain industries.

2. New products and updates

Social media and especially Twitter are used by many people as an alternative, and in many cases, as the only news source. This means that one of the main reasons why people follow brands on social media is to be the first to know about new products or company updates.

3. Feedback and customer support

Social media are an open, public platform that allows customers to reach out to brands in realtime with their feedback or complaints in a more direct and conversational way. Of course, this implies that brands are there to listen and respond, realize that a significant part of their audience is seeking some form of customer support.

4. You

That’s right! People will follow your brand simply because they like it; they like its personality and its unique identity.  It comes as no surprise that the most successful brands on social media in terms of audience size are the ones that know how to communicate in a human tone and to convey useful content while being fun and entertaining.

Now over to you! What do you think triggers people the most when it comes to following a brand on social media? Leave us a comment right below and let us know.