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New: PDF Reports just got better!

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Twitter Counter is changing! We have been constantly working on improving our service, adding new features and improving our current ones. The PDF reports are one of the features we have been secretly working on and today we are super excited to show you the results! PDF reports are currently available for our Pro and Pro Branded users and are a super easy way to visualize your Twitter performance with insightful graphs. As a Pro and Pro Branded user you are able to export your stats in PDF format that is ready to be presented to your team or clients. You now have the ability to choose a custom date range which is something that a lot of our users had been asking, apart from the monthly reports. So if you’re looking to show your boss the results of the campaign you ran last week for example, we got you covered. The new PDF reports have a new slick design with a cover that pulls your header and profile image from your Twitter profile and a section for each group of metrics.

A new way to present your stats

First off, you get an overview of your progress being able to see at a glance your follower growth over a certain period of time and your overall interactions (retweets and mentions) along with the two most successful tweets in terms of engagement. Overview The next section of your PDF report is a more in depth look into your audience statistics, starting with your account’s follower growth. The next graph is a visual representation of your new followers and unfollowers along with a list of the four most influential users you gained or lost over that period, ranked based on their number of followers. New Followers - Unfollowers The last part of your PDF report provides you with insights on your engagement and interactions over this period of time. The last slides offer you an in-depth insights into your retweets, mentions and favorites along with a list of the top three tweets that were the most retweeted and favorited, along with a list a list the top 9 users that mentioned you the most in the given period of time. Total engagement Pro Branded users also have even more opportunities for customization according to their needs, by choosing the metrics that matter to them the most and include them in their reports. Are you a Pro user? Take the new PDF reports for a spin! And feel free to drop us a line with your feedback. We’d love to hear back from you!  Not yet Pro but still excited to try out this new feature? Learn more about your options here.