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7 hilarious Twitter accounts to follow

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Who are the funniest people on Twitter? Which Twitter feed has the wittiest jokes? We went through our Twitter feeds, asked around the office and here’s the verdict. 7 of the most hilarious Twitter accounts worth following:

Conan O’Brien

Do we need to say more? Conan O’Brien conquered Twitter way before he took a shot at Tinder.

Every Tweet Ever

Witty and sarcastic, this Twitter account is basically a parody of the most common tweets in the Twitterverse. Hilarious and scarily accurate.

The Dark Lord

If Lord Voldemort were on Twitter, his Twitter feed would be somehow like this.

80’s Don Draper

Don Draper thrives in the ’60s but how would the character be if Mad Men were placed in the ’80s?

Modern Seinfeld

What if Seinfeld had never ended? Our favorite characters’ adventures in the 21st century are just as funny.

First World Problems

Not sure if this is a Twitter account full of dramatic problems… Yeah, ok. Probably not.

Michael Scott

Miss “The Office”? So are we! Expect less “That’s what she said” jokes and more hilarious lines from the best Regional Manager Dunder Mifflin ever saw.

Which are your favorite funny accounts on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!