6 questions to ask yourself before posting on Twitter

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Composing a tweet is a process that sometimes can take up to 2 months. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every tweet should take that long to write but there are certain steps to take before posting it.

Every tweet is a unique opportunity to engage, build authority and establish a community around your brand. So how do you make sure not to miss this opportunity? Ask yourself these 6 questions before clicking on that “Tweet” button:

1. Is this interesting?

The question here is if this something that your followers would find useful and worth sharing with their Twitter community. Quality content always goes a long way and is not necessarily hard to curate as long as you have a good system in place.

2. Is there a mention?

If you’ve already answered question number one, here’s another one for you. The awesome content you are about to tweet is most likely written by an influencer in your field. Authors always appreciate it if you recognize their effort with a Twitter mention which is quite a simple thing to do to get on their radar and increase your Twitter engagement.

3. Did I use a hashtag?

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to niche audiences and groups of tweeters that are more likely to find your content useful and engage with your tweets. So the key answer to this question is using a hashtag that is relevant to your content and is used by your target audience.

4. Do I have an image?

Again, this doesn’t mean that every tweet should include an image but if you’re going for more retweets, adding an image is a good strategy.

5. What am I asking for?

In other words, what’s your call to action? This depends on what do you aim for with this tweet. If for example, you aim for retweets and spreading the word “please retweet” is a great call to action. If you go for higher click through rates, you might consider using “Learn more” or “Check out”.

6. Is my tweet too long?

Keeping your tweets short is quite the challenge. But experience shows that tweets that between 100 and 115 long get retweeted the most.

This might sound like a lot to do with every single tweet, but with a little help it can turn into a piece of cake! Get custom recommendations on each of your tweets with our free browser plugin. Find out more.



  • good points to keep in mind..thanks!

  • We’ve been following guidelines like these for a while and it’s definitely helped us. Thanks for outlining them here.

  • Balln Chainz

    We have been following guidelines similar to these on our blog. To me if you don’t follow guidelines them you will be writing in chaos and your points may be spread all over the place and not make any sense. Great tips. .

    • Thanks! You’re right. This definitely extends to any type of content you’re crafting. After all Twitter is a micro blogging platform 🙂

  • nice advice. thnks