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How to find the best time to tweet and boost your Twitter stats

by Ana, posted 4 years ago
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Do you know what’s the average life of your tweet? 18 minutes! Which means that on Twitter timing is everything. The challenge here is to find out when is the best time for you tweet to boost your Twitter stats.

So how do you make sure that your tweet generates retweets, mentions, clicks or new followers and doesn’t get lost below the fold? Here’s what you can do:

According to science

Social media researcher Dan Zarrella, found that tweets posted from Friday to Sunday generate higher engagement and more clicks. In fact, brands that tweet in the weekends have 17% more engagement. His research also revealed that tweeting from 10am to 1pm is less likely to boost your Twitter stats.

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Based on your followers

While these may be best practices backed by science, it doesn’t mean that one rule fits all. What’s the next challenge? Finding out the habits of your Twitter audience to increase to the engagement rate of your tweets.

One of our favorite tools for this purpose is Followerwonk which basically generates a report on your followers showing the time of the day they’re active on Twitter.

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Now what?

So now that you know what science says and when your audience is online you can start scheduling your tweets accordingly using tools like Buffer or Tweetdeck. But never stop testing different times and days to find the best recipe for you.

Keeping a close eye to your Twitter stats and especially your retweets and mentions is really important in this process as these stats will give you the answer you need to what works best for your audience.

Have you found your Twitter sweet spot and how? Drop your tips in the comments below!