Twitter Counter users that are nailing it on their profiles

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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A few days ago we showed you how easy it is to boost your online presence and make your Twitter Counter profile more SEO friendly. Looking for some inspiration? Check out how some of our amazing users already crafted their own custom profile descriptions and improved their online presence. Great job guys!

Follow their lead and optimize your profile today! And don’t forget to submit your link in the comments below! The best profile descriptions will be included in this post. 



  • Rose De Dan
  • Meagan Sanders

    This is a terrible article. The last person doesn’t even have the new profile.

    • julioelpoeta

      The profile the article refers to are Twittercounter profiles, not Twitter profiles. These users are nailing it because they made great descriptions for their Twittercounter profiles. You can modify yours logging in on http://twittercounter/pages/you and below the tags clicking on the button to change your description.

  • Peter Clifford

    Thanks for the opportunity, I have now updated mine.

  • WinnieRhodework

    Thanks for the update and opportunity. Going to update it now.