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Inactivity of Lady Gaga gets her demoted by Katy Perry

by Ana, posted 5 years ago
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After being dethroned as most followed person on Twitter by Justin Bieber last January, celeb and Twitter Star Lady Gaga now gets demoted to the third spot in the Twitter top 100: most followers list, by Katy Perry.

Lady Gaga, although she hasn’t been very active on Twitter since February, still got 33,260 new followers on a daily average. However, this number fast declined after Lady Gaga changed her profile picture to the default egg and updated her Twitter profile into:

Lady Gaga's Twitter Profile

At that time, Lady Gaga was the second most followed person on Twitter with nearly 39 million followers. Since Gaga’s profile update her daily average went down to 19,960 new followers. It’s not clear why Lady Gaga changed her status and avatar but rumours are that it’s a publicity stunt for her upcoming album ‘ARTPOP’.

The profile update and the lack of activity on Twitter are beneficial for the former 3rd most followed person on Twitter: Katy Perry, who not surprisingly passed Lady Gaga last Monday (see graph below). On a daily average Katy Perry is growing 12,300 new followers more than Lady Gaga (since Gaga’s inactivity last February), but is still far behind Twitter King Bieber who currently has 41,670,688 followers.

Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry

It’s clear that nobody is threatening Bieber’s Kingdom but the battle for the 2nd place is on! We’re keeping a close eye on the top three most followed users on Twitter and you can do too! Just hit the “Track” button on Lady Gaga’s, Justin Bieber’s or Katy Perry’s Twitter Counter profile and we will notify you when they reaches a new milestone.