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How Twitter Counter got covered by Reuters, CNN & Huffington Post

by Ana, posted 5 years ago
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For websites that offer a service (like ours), it’s important you get mentioned in publications and show practical examples of your services to a bigger and newer audience than your current users. It’s good for branding and strengthens your authority.

In this blogpost we want to share what happened last week when we reported on Justin Bieber passing Lady Gaga as the most followed Twitter user and how we got covered by some major news outlets. These included CNN, Reuters, Huffington Post, Mashable, CNET, Yahoo, MTV and (see the articles here).

Predict the future
Thanks to our prediction tool and investigative curiosity we found out that Justin Bieber was closing in on Lady Gaga who had been the most followed user on Twitter since August 2010. We determined that Justin Bieber would pass Lady Gaga in around five days so we created an early online press release that was optimized for social media with (Like Twitter Counter, Pressdoc is another TNW Labs product)

Tip insiders
We wanted to give some websites an exclusive tip in the early stages of a (possible) news item and also give them the time to write up a good story and get it ready to be published. So we sent this press release to 20 journalists under an embargo, 5 days before Justin Bieber would pass Lady Gaga. These journalists are on our press list to receive special news tips that are related to Twitter stats.

Don’t push rocks, roll snowballs
Some journalists reported back to us and thanked us for the tip, others didn’t find it that interesting to publish (but hey! that’s the name of the game!). Of course our goal was to be the first with this prediction and try to break the news before the majority would pick up this story. By now, we knew our “news ball” was in effect and with a few journalists in the loop we released a blogpost with the news only 2 days before Justin Bieber was likely to pass Lady Gaga.

We spread the news via our Twitter account, also mentioned it in our weekly newsletter and when some websites started publishing it we saw the ball was really rolling. After Reuters picked it up we saw a tipping point and after that, more major websites picked up our prediction and mentioned it (AND us) in their posts.

So that’s how we got some nice coverage on something we discovered using our own tools! The end result? Over a 6 day period we received almost 50.000 more pageviews than we normally get in the same timespan.

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