The anatomy of a flawless social media post

by Ana, posted 2 years ago
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Is there such a thing as a perfect social media post? The thing is, the success of social media content across platforms depends on a variety of factors such as its quality, the timing and frequency of posting, the way you structure and convey your content, as well as the platform characteristics.

But even though you could say that this success can be circumstantial to a certain extent, there are some proven tactics to ensure that you are making the most out of each social platform the moment you are posting your message. Let’s see some key tricks to keep in mind:


On Twitter shorter tweets 100-120 characters long with a clear call to action and up to two hashtags tend to perform better. And of course images are key to making your tweets stand out and engage more.


Video has proven to be key to unlocking a larger reach on Facebook ever since it changed its algorithm. However, optimized link posts with shorter copy may perform just as well in terms of engagement.


Pinterest is the platform with the highest number of active users and a major driver of traffic for brands.

Vertical images with little background and lots of red, perform better on Pinterest according to social media science. More than that, the description of the pin needs to be descriptive and optimized for SEO with a clear call to action.


Instagram is a very visual platform which means that compelling images are a must. In addition to this, captions that include hashtags, emojis and a location tag tend to have a higher engagement compared to others.


A lot of things have been written on Google+ and the truth of the matter is that some brands have chosen not to invest in this. However, those that have, for example H&M, have experienced some amazing results in terms of engagement and reach.

Most of the times, Google+ posts are treated like a shorter version of a blog post. So longer posts with a header a link and of course and image perform better. And of course hashtags are a must!

For y’all visual learners out there, Quicksprout has put together an excellent cheat sheet of how to write the perfect social media post across platforms. Take a look:

How to Create The Perfect Social Post
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Now over to you! Got any winning recipes for flawless social media posts? Share them with us in the comments right below!