How TweetDeck made me a better twitterer

by Ana, posted 2 years ago
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I got better at tweeting because my TweetDeck dashboard is set up a certain way. Could this be and exaggeration? Maybe! But the way I see it, part of being a good twitterer is being aware. And of the tools that keep me aware of what’s happening in the Twitterverse is TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is my absolute favorite tool for Twitter monitoring because it’s simple, easy to use and it’s ideal for quick Twitter monitoring quick Twitter monitoring. So because I love it so much, and sharing is caring, let me show you how my TweetDeck dashboard is like and what I find most useful tracking.

Notifications and Mentions

These are probably the two most important columns on my TweetDeck dashboard as they provide you with an overview of the basic activity of your Twitter account. I prefer to have a separate column for mentions so that I can filter out all the tweets that need a response and answer to any questions or comments as weekly as possible.

News sources

Whether it’s journalists, my favorite blogs on Social Media or online publishers I trust, I keep a column on my dashboard which I check separately so that I can keep an eye out for breaking news in my field or the world and any interesting stories that come up during the day.

My colleagues

Not that they’re my colleagues, but they usually tweet awesome stuff. If you’re a community manager, I would definitely recommend having a TweetDeck column for your team or employees. Often times, they function as your brand ambassadors and they do contribute to brand awareness within their own network.

Hashtags and keywords

Tweetdeck is the one of the best free tools for social media listening allowing you to keep track of conversations within your niche and about your brand. And what better way to do that than monitoring the most relevant hashtags and keywords for your brand and industry.

For example, one of the most relevant hashtags for me is #socialmedia and that’s why it has its very own place on my TweetDeck dashboard as a separate column. To avoid noise when tracking popular hashtags or keywords, such as “Twitter”, I usually filter tweets based on engagement or type (for example only tweets with images).


The magic of TweetDeck is that it allows you to add any Twitter list you have created or followed as a separate column. And we all know how amazing Twitter lists are. So one of the main columns on my dashboard is a list of social media influencers.

Tracking influencers in your field is a great way for keeping up-to-date with all the latest developments in your niche, spotting opportunities for engagement and of course building relationships.

If you already have a Twitter list with all the influencers you follow on Twitter, just add it as a separate column in your dashboard and start ‘listening’.

Another idea for monitoring influencers, is tracking your most influential new followers so that you can make sure you interact with them from the first minute or start a new list that you often update with the people that interact with you the most on Twitter.

New followers


Having a TweetDeck column dedicated to your competitors, allows you to see how they’re engaging on Twitter in realtime, get a glance of their interactions as well as they type of content they share.

Other accounts

I use TweetDeck more or less the same way for more than one Twitter accounts replicating the columns that I find the most relevant. If for example your managing more than one accounts (let’s say a personal and a business account) having those on your Tweetdeck dashboard as well is very useful for an all-in-one overview.

Now over to you! Are you using TweetDeck or any other dashboard tool for Twitter? What do keep on your radar?


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