What is Oreo doing right about Twitter and you can do too

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Looking up to successful brands on Social Media can be a great source of ideas and inspiration for your strategy, as well.

One of my favorite brands-to-watch and one that the Twitter-nerd in me has slow clapped on several different occasions is Oreo.

So I decided to take a closer look to their tweeting and the memorable moments in their Social Media presence and see what they’re doing right and what are the key takeaways when it comes to best practices for Twitter marketing.

Taking news-jacking to a different level

As opposed to traditional advertising, Social Media offer brands the unique opportunity to respond to events in the moment, reaching out and connecting with a new and wider audience. Oreo Cookie has definitely realised the power of real-time marketing with Twitter being the platform for the brand’s agile marketing strategy.

When power went out at the Superdome in New Orleans during Super Bowl, Oreo Cookie immediately grabbed the opportunity to create a genius tweet about the outage that was sent out before the lights came back on. The tweet that has since been retweeted more than 15,500 times, won the acclaim of customers and marketers and generated a great media buzz.

On Social Media and especially Twitter, good reflexes and timing can really make a difference. Does any one remember halftime show for that year? Don’t think so.

Sarah Hofstetter, president of digital marketing agency 360i that handled tweeting for Oreo on the day of the game said to Wired magazine:

Once the blackout happened, no one was distracted — there was nothing going on. The combination of speed and cultural relevance propelled it the forefront.

Key takeway: While real-time marketing is not necessarily something that works like a charm every single time, Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet is an indication of how being vigilant about opportunities that may rise during big televised events can pay off in terms of brand awareness, engagement and reputation building.

Not being afraid to engage with competitors

Referencing her love for chocolate, Laura Ellen tweeted that she was following both @Oreo and @KitKat on Twitter. Kit Kat’s Twitter response a couple of days later was to challenge Oreo to a virtual game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Oreo’s creative, fast-thinking reaction was basically a compliment to their competitor.

Key takeaway: It is not uncommon for brands to engage in banters with competitors. Remember Apple’s recent #BendGate and brands reacting to it? This is a great way to show some personality, think out of the box with witty responses and engaging conversations that catch the attention of their audience. Also, ‘noble competition’ is always appreciated.

Hashtag campaigns connecting offline to online

Oreo’s #EatTheTweet campaign at this year’s SXSW Interactive Festival was covered by major media outlets generating a lot of publicity for the brand.

Two 3-D printer vending machines allowed the festival’s attendees to create and eat custom Oreo cookies based on Twitter trends and then see their one-of-a-kind Oreo cookies being built in front of their eyes.

Key takeaway: Riding on the wave of big offline or online events can generate publicity for your brand. And while a project as big as 3-D printer vending machines might not be a realistic option for the average small business, you can always think local with sponsoring events in your area or even consider live tweeting which can help quite a lot in raising awareness of your brand and growing your audience.

Catering to their customer’s needs

Oreo is a brand that uses social media and Twitter in particular to cater to its customer’s needs. They are aware that a big part of building a strong brand on Twitter is offering the audience some value and being helpful.

And they found a fun way to do so. Last year, they launched the #OreoSnackHacks campaign tapping into a great online demand for recipes. The campaign included a series of tweets that incorporate Vine and YouTube videos and offer their audience easy tips for mouth watering creations that had their product as a base.

The videos are simple, short, and effective at letting the audience know there’s a lot more they can do with an Oreo than dunk it in a glass of milk.

Key takeaway: Know your audience and its needs and create useful, value adding content. This way, you will not only engage your audience but also establish your brand’s authority.

Rich media make the difference

Apart from the well-thought hashtag campaigns Oreo launches, a glance at its Twitter timeline is proof that tweets containing rich media such as video, images, GIFs and Vines really can make a difference in engagement, bring everything together and dominate users’ timelines.

Key takeaway: Make tweets with visuals a habit and experiment with new platforms such as Vine. Even if you are not a pro in photo editing, all you need is some creative thinking and a few easy tools to help you get started.

Now over to you! Feeling inspired by Oreo’s Social Media tactics? Do you think it is something that you and your brand can benefit from?