7 winning tactics to help you choose who to follow on Twitter

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Focusing on growing your Twitter audience is important but do you really have a strategy on who you follow? Back in the first days of Twitter, people used to mass follow everyone without really having a strategy, hoping for some reciprocation in order to gain more Twitter followers.

But as Twitter evolves, having a plan on who to follow on Twitter, is also important. It is a way to listen to your Twitter community without much noise, build relationships, create a firehose for curating Twitter content and of course grow your audience.

So let’s take a look at seven quick tips to help you become more strategic about who you follow.

Follow the experts

Follow influencers and thought leaders in your field to build relationships, engage with them, stay up-to-date with all the latest in your industry and also use them as a source of content you can share with your audience.

Use Twitter search

If you don’t really know how to begin with finding thought leaders and influencers, Twitter search can be your starting point. Enter keywords or hashtags related to your field to get a list of results based on relevance and number of followers. The ‘Discover’ function of Twitter can come in handy as Twitter suggests accounts you could follow based on your interests and what you tweet about.

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Follow back based on relevance 

Although it’s always nice to reciprocate the love, blindly following back everyone that follows you, won’t work in the long term as you will end up with an overly ‘noisy’ Twitter feed. Instead, follow back people that you find interesting and are relevant to what you tweet about. Their Twitter bio and most recent tweets, can always help you decide who is worth following.

Follow people that engage with your content

Keep a close look at your retweets and mentions to find which accounts engage with you the most. In fact, a retweet or a mention is an indication that these people are already interested in your tweets and are more likely to engage with your content and turn into leads.

Monitor hashtags and keywords

This a good tactic to identify Twitter users that are active within your community but also discover customers that tweet about your brand. There are several ways to set up your listening system but Twitter’s advance search and Twitter tracker can help you find out which users are the most active and which popular Twitter accounts are tweeting about a certain subject or your brand specifically.

Who experts are following

If you follow experts and people whose tweets you find interesting, go through the list of accounts they follow to discover relevant accounts you could follow or other experts in your industry.

Master Twitter lists

Twitter lists are the alternative way to follow people without really following them and you can use them for different purposes. They can either help you organize your current followers, discover new people to follow from existing Twitter lists or create your own to monitor, engage and curate content.

Now over to you! How do you decide who to follow and do you have any tips on finding interesting people on Twitter? Leave us your comments right below.