Break the ice: 3 quick tips to start a Twitter conversation

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Twitter is the  perfect platform for public social conversations and an ideal place to build relationships. However, even when you’ve managed to grow your audience and boost your engagement rates, Twitter conversations are still difficult.

Starting a conversation with a comment on the weather wouldn’t probably do the trick. So instead of standing on the corner all by your self, here are 3 quick tips to help you mingle on Twitter:

Retweet with a twist

Retweets with comments can be a great conversation starter. So whenever you can, because alas sometimes characters are not enough, add a short comment to your retweet. It’s a good way to show others that you’re engaging with their content and that you find it valuable.

Ask questions

Good old questions! What better way to start a conversation with your followers than with a question? This is actually a common practice that works most of the times and can always be the other way round with you answering other people’s questions.

Refer to an article

Sharing an interesting article and mentioning its author is a great icebreaker and a successful technique to reaching out to influencers in your field. For personal touch, it’d be a good idea to add a short comment of your own.

At the end of the day, a good conversation is an honest conversation, so keep it casual and be yourself. Just like in offline situations, coming across as trying too hard can be awkward, right?

Now over to you! Do you have any good tips for starting a Twitter conversation? Share your wisdom with us in the comments below.