3 simple tools to create engaging Twitter images in less than 5 minutes

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Every time I think about best practices on Twitter, the first thing that comes to mind is “use images.” Social media science has proved that tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted, which means that a quick win to boost your engagement rates is including images in your tweets.

But I know for a fact, that finding a breathtaking image to go with your carefully crafted tweet when you’re tight on schedule is really a struggle. And also, not all of us have the professional skills of a graphic designer.

So how can we put together awesome ‘retweetable’ visuals without wasting our time on image editing tutorials? Luckily for us, there are some very handy tools out there that are free, super easy to use and they guarantee an awesome professional result in just 5 minutes or less. Really.

Here are three of my most favorite tools for creating amazing Twitter images that I hope you’ll find useful:


Canva is my absolute favorite! It is a free application that offers pre-built templates for any type of use; from social media posts to presentations, to graphs for your blog. This means that you don’t really need to worry about resizing for your social images. You just pick the template you want to start with and that’s it!

You can choose from one of the amazing graphics Canva suggests and play with the typography, upload your own visuals and build something from scratch or choose from Canva’s stock image library for at a low cost (most visuals are only $1).

And if you need a second pair of eyes while creating your masterpiece, you also have the option to invite people in your team to collaborate.


According to social media science tweets with quotes get 10% more retweets than others. Now add this to the engagement rates of tweets with images, and you’ll get the picture.

Recite is an amazing tool to help you combine these two elements and create gorgeous images with quotes. Again it is super easy to use and you can have a professional graphic in less than 3 minutes. I promise!

It is absolutely free and you can either type in your quote or choose from some famous quotes suggested by Recite. Once you choose your graphic, you can either share it on your social media channels straight from Recite or download it for future use.


PicMonkey is great for some quick fixes, like creating a collage or a frame, editing, and shape cropping. Its free option free option has a wide variety of features and font types to choose from.

Have you tried any of these tools? Got any other to suggest? Shoot you comment right below and let us know!


  • Love Canva, but Recite is new to me and looks like a quick/easy one for its specific purpose. Thanks! Another one that is a great specialty tool for infographics is Piktochart http://piktochart.com/ – though a decent infographic will take more than 5 minutes!

  • Alex

    I’m grateful first time using this information, was trying to do magic with Pwrpoint, to get my slides done