How to handle negative feedback on Twitter

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Everyone dreads of negative feedback for their brand especially when it’s communicated on a platform as public as Twitter, where news get amplified by the second. So when Nancy Negative strikes, how should you handle it?

1. Do not ignore it

Well, unless it’s a clear case of spamming or trolling. All other cases need your attention. Most of the times negative feedback falls under these 3 categories:

  • A specific issue your customers are experiencing with your service or product.
  • Constructive criticism which honestly is a good thing to help you improve and most of the times is meant well.
  • A plain attack, where the person tweeting at you is furious because something went wrong.

2. Reply as quickly as possible

42% of people complaining on social media expect a response within an hour according to Jay Baer. But responding quickly actually shows your community (including Negative Nancy) that you are listening and you’re there to help.

3. Check your facts

No matter how fast you’re responding, your reply must always be accurate and correct especially if the matter is urgent.

4. Admit it when you’re wrong

Whether you are to blame or not, sometimes you need to apologize to the person tweeting at you and accept the blame to resolve the issue.
13. Always be courteous: Be it your mistake or theirs, as a brand you need to take the blame and pacify the negative situation and convert it into a positive one.

5. Offer a solution

The people tweeting at you with an issue are looking for a solution. So try to be helpful and offer them one.

6. Be human

When replying to negative feedback, the tone is really important.  Show people that there is a person behind the brand, you! Of course this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be professional but it’d be a lot more natural if you addressed people in a personal, casual way.

7. Say ‘thank you’

Most of the times negative feedback can turn into a positive thing to help you improve your product or service. So remember to thank the people that point out your mistakes!

Got any tips on handling negative feedback on Twitter? Share them with us in the comments below!


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  • After all it’s important to remember that negative feedback can as much good as it can harm you. It really depends on your reaction and how you handle the situation.