How to craft the perfect Twitter bio for growing your audience

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Have you ever thought about the purpose of having a Twitter bio? Some Twitter users find Twitter bios unnecessary and instead choose to leave this part of their profile blank or incomplete, which is definitely a mistake.

Your Twitter bio is there for a good reason. It is one the first things your potential followers see, which makes it a unique opportunity for you to present yourself and your brand, grow your Twitter audience and build a stronger online presence.

So how do you make sure you make the most out of those 160 characters? Here’s a few tips to help you out.

Tell people who you are

First things first. It’s your Twitter bio, so it’s ok to talk about yourself. To get started, keep in mind that your bio needs to answer 3 basic questions: Who you are, what you do, and what your interests are. Sort of like a short resume.

Twitter is a great platform to connect with your peers, professionals and influencers in your field, so explaining what you do or where you work is actually one of the common practices, so be accurate and descriptive. Here’s a nice example from Jay Baer.

Use keywords

While you’re describing your awesome self, make sure you use the right keywords that are relevant to your niche target audience. This way, you make it easier for people on Twitter to find you when searching for related queries. However, do so in a natural way and not just throw buzzwords or hashtags next to each other. I find Beth Kanter’s bio a great example of using the right keywords, the right way .

Use links and Twitter mentions

Do you manage other accounts? Add the handle in your bio. For example, when you mention where you work, you can use the Twitter handle of your company instead of just its name. If you’re blogging or have a website, add the url as well, but if you don’t it’d be a good idea to add your LinkedIn profile instead.

These small tricks are giving people leads to connect with you on other platforms and have a better idea of what you tweet about. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Twitter bio is a great example of a bio that incorporates all these elements with a personal touch.

Be natural

Your distinct personality is what will make your profile get noticed. All you need to do is be yourself and add your personal tone with a twist of creativity and humor to make sure that your Twitter bio stands out. Check out how Tom Hanks does it. Effortless and brilliant!

Show people why they should follow you

Your Twitter bio is what will convince people to follow you. Basically your potential followers will want to know how they would benefit from following you. Would it be marketing insights, useful tips or expert knowledge? Whatever your adding value is, make sure it is reflected on your Twitter bio. For example, I definitely want to be empowered by Guy Kawasaki! Wouldn’t you?

Remember that nothing is written on stone

You’re evolving as a person and your bio should evolve with you. Every now and then remember to revisit your Twitter bio to make sure that it still represents who you are and what you tweet about.

And if 160 characters are not enough to fit your awesome personality, you can always customize your Twitter Counter profile!

So tell us! Do you check someone’s Twitter bio before following them? And what’s your biggest struggle when crafting your own profile description? Leave us your comments right below!


  • Kathy Hadley

    Interesting and good points. Will head on over to Twitter now to make sure my bio shares me. Which is interesting I attracted this because they other day some people on my site said, “Kathy, you definitely convinced us we need a Life Coach but why you?” And so I had to answer that. This is similar. Why would someone want to follow me on Twitter and my bio tells them that. 🙂 Thanks.
    You can see my short, direct answer to “why me?” on my website at

    • Thanks Kathy! This is exactly the purpose.

      • Kathy Hadley

        Cool! 🙂 I just updated my twitter profile thanks to this post. So, thank you, again!!!

  • Pasation Travellers

    This is a great article full of useful tips. I’ll be making some minor changes to my bio shortly.
    Yes, I always check someone’s Twitter bio before deciding to follow them. There needs to be ‘why’ before I ‘follow’. Adding some personal interests along with the key focus and keeping that within 160 characters is the struggle. Your suggestions will definitely help! Thank you for sharing them!

    • Hi! Thanks so much, so glad you found it useful! I know right? It’s quite a challenge and always work in progress. From my experience, it definitely helps to experiment and try different versions.

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    Nice article, I usually do not check bios before following, I just follow-back anyone who follows me, then monitor his/her tweet for few days then un-follow if irrelevant tweets or inactive account. While writing my own bio, which I recently updated, I feel restricted to 160 characters limit, also my interested change so frequently cause I am a #Sagittarius… Finding tags which express my interest is also a big question for me.

  • A clever, tongue-in-cheek bio gets my attention more than dull earnestness. Extra points for flippancy, insouciance & a note of flirting.