3 Twitter stats you should be tracking every day

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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If you’re tweeting for a living, chances are Twitter statistics are like you second nature. Performance reports are part of your weekly and monthly schedule but how about the day-to-day Twitter statistics? Before starting to tweet for the day, it always helps to take a quick look at your Twitter stats for say the last week and plan your content accordingly.

For an ultra quick evaluation of your Twitter performance here are 3 metrics you should look at every day.


As simple as it may sound your audience growth is your starting point. See any surprises there? Any ups or downs? Whatever the result, this is your first indication to help you organize your Twitter tactics.

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It always helps to combine your follower growth with other metrics for more in-depth insights. Your tweets stats can give you valuable information on what works for your audience and what doesn’t, when compared with your followers and your retweets or mentions. For example, what was the effect of your tweeting frequency on your follower growth?


If you’re experimenting with tweeting frequency trying to find your sweet spot, compare your tweets stats with your engagement stats. This way, you can get useful insights on the effect of the number of tweets has on your engagement rates.

Also, make sure you keep track of your most successful tweets in terms of engagement. This can help you identify any patterns that trigger higher engagement for your audience. And of course, you could cherry pick the ones that performed the best and reschedule them.

Extra tip: If you’re looking for custom recommendations on your tweets, you might want to try out Twitter Counter’s free browser plugin.

What’s your Twitter statistics routine? Which metrics do you check every day? Let us know in the comments below. 


  • this is very helpful I’m glad I stumbled upon this I have been trying to figure out this twtter stuff for ever

  • what I am trying to get the hang of is I see a lot of people with a lot of followers but when I go to look at there tweets there are little to know engagement how exactly can i conjure up or begin to conjure an attack plan to help curate more engagement?