Say what? CIA and George RR Martin join Twitter

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Monday was a holiday here in Amsterdam and we hope elsewhere too! So  we got back to the office this morning after a long weekend only to discover two major Twitter surprises.

Surprise number 1: CIA is tweeting!

CIA made its grand entrance to the Twitterverse on June 6 with an imaginative tweet that went viral within hours:

In fact, within a day CIA gained 317,206 followers and according to our data, it keeps growing at a daily average of 64,776 followers!


Surprise number 2: George RR Martin joined Twitter!

Yep, that’s right! None of the 140 characters is safe any more! Well, apologies for our nerdy sense of humor, but we’re huge fans of Game of Thrones. We guess he did not use his DOS computer to send out his first tweet, but one thing’s for sure: don’t expect any spoiler alerts!

And since George is a Twitter newbie, we thought he’d need some recommendations on how to improve his tweeting. So we used our cool, new browser plugin which you can download here for free, to give George some tips on his tweeting, based on the performance of his first tweet!


So tell us! Any Twitter surprises we missed? Leave us a comment below or tweet to us!