Who is winning the Game of Twitter in Westeros?

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Inspired by the spirit of April Fools’ day and the new Game of Thrones season coming this Sunday, we asked ourselves this question: Who is ruling the Game of Twitter over at Westeros?

Jon Snow might know nothing, but he knows Twitter and surely the night is dark and full of terrors but that didn’t keep Samwell Tarly from tweeting! So, we gathered some of the best parody Twitter handles of our favorite or not so favorite heroes (that’s right Cersei!) and used the “Compare” tool to answer our question.

We were actually surprised that Rickon is on Twitter although he hasn’t tweeted recently. But then, we don’t know where he is, do we? But before I start unfolding all our theories on where Rickon actually is, let’s see what we found out.

Most followers

The fact that the mother of dragons leads the way with 41,000 followers comes as no surprise. I guess those three dragons work their magic when it comes to follower growth! Jon Snow is doing that bad either as he’s second with a bit over 29,000 followers.

Queen Cersei is only third with 15,800 followers but our data indicates that Sam Tarly will cross the 16k followers milestone in 3 days, four days sooner than she will. Oh, the tragedy!

Most followers

Least active

Surprisingly the account with the least tweets is Hodor’s, who has tweeted only 195 times in the 3 years he’s been active. I guess there’s not much to tweet, is there?


Biggest follower growth

The account with the biggest growth in the last month is Sam Tarly’s, who’s also the one who follows the most people. From the looks of it, Sam is trying to make some friends on Twitter and it seems to be working!

Relative Growth

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