These are the most epic brand Twitter fails

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Last Monday US Airways tweeted an image that was definitely not-safe-for-work! The tweet that remained on the airline’s Twitter feed for about an hour before it was removed, included a link to an extremely graphic pornographic image and was sent as a response to a customer.

The company later apologized, explaining that the image was initially posted to its Twitter feed by another user and was inadvertently included in the response.

This major Twitter failure, actually reminded us of some other infamous fail moments by brands on Twitter. So we gathered them all into a quick guide of what NOT to tweet!

Chrysler drops the F-bomb

A few years ago Chrysler dropped the ‘F-bomb’ in their official Twitter account taking everyone by surprise. The tweet came from an employee of the agency that was handling the account. Talk about the wrong password in the wrong hands, right?


Kenneth Cole uses Arab Spring to sell 

Wrong timing is too little to describe the tweet that fashion designer Kenneth Cole sent during the Egypt uprisings. Not cool, Kenneth.


Fired employees take over HMV’s Twitter account

Having control over your brand’s Twitter account is pretty much straight forward, right? Well, not for HMV that saw its Twitter handle being taken over by angry employees that were laid off.

If people that have access to your Twitter account, just got fired leaving their post on bad terms, then you might consider changing your Twitter password. Just a thought.


Mastercard’s priceless (bad) surprise

A Twitter campaign to promote Mastercard’s sponsorship of the Brit Awards, turned out to be a truly priceless bad surprise! To give its campaign an extra boost, Mastercard’s agency thought it’d be a good idea to ask journalists to tweet their campaign in return for accredidation to cover the Brit Awards. Well.


Tesco’s inappropriate joke

Too soon Tesco, too soon. Right after it was revealed that Tesco had sold burgers containing horse meat, the company’s social media team thought it appropriate to tweet this:


JP Morgan’s Twitter chat

A few months ago, JP Morgan started a Q&A session with the Twitterverse. And indeed they received some very interesting questions that alas, remained unanswered. Turns out JP Morgan does not have many fans on Twitter! The Q&A led to a major backlash forcing the company to eventually cancel it.

JP Morgan tweets

In the end, even big brands have Twitter failures. And this means that we should definitely learn from their mistakes!

Did we miss any corporate Twitter fails on Twitter? Share them in the comments below.