For Twitter’s 8 birthday, we look back at the first of the first tweets

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Twitter is turning 8 today! And inevitably, this week has turned into a trip down memory lane, recalling Twitter moments from the past eight years and of course celebrating Twitter’s birthday.

So we had an idea! Inspired by Twitter’s saying that there’s a first tweet for everything, we made our mission to dig up some first tweets! What did Twitter’s most followed users tweet the first time, and what was the first tweet ever? Let’s find out:

Twitter’s top 5

Katy Perry:


Apparently Katy was sick before her first tweet.I guess we’ll never know, ’cause it’s never been tweeted, right?

Justin Bieber:

Back in 2009 Justin was tweeting about My Space. How vintage is that?

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama was the first from the top 5 to join Twitter!

Lady Gaga:

Would you ever expect such a boring first tweet from Lady Gaga?


Ah, a spoof video as a first ever tweet. Reminds us of YouTube was back in the day…

The first of the first:

As you can imagine, the first of the first to tweet ever, were Twitter’s four co-founders who tweeted all the same text: “Just setting up my twttr”. But technically Jack Dorsey was the first one to send out to tweet this, making his tweet the first tweet ever.

Thanks Jack!

Bonus: Time to expose ourselves! These are the first tweets of the Twitter Counter team.

Warning: You might find yourself lost in translation since some of our first tweets are written in foreign, exotic languages. 

Boris: The elf

Fun fact: Our Twitter historian told us that this might actually be a reply to someone, before the @ sign was established. But we’re all too young to remember (including Boris).

Sam: The foodie

Jorg: The fact giver

Rey: The hobbyist

Julio: The news breaker


Javi: The idealist



Alex: The second chance giver



Martijn: The laid back



Joey: The scientist



Katerina: the one with an identity crisis



So what was your first tweet? Share it with us in the comments below!


  • julioelpoeta

    “El gordo ha caído en mi pueblo… a ver si hay algún colega entre los afortunados…

    I was referring to the Xmas National Lottery prize, which was given on my hometown that year (2010). Sadly, nobody from my family or close friends was lucky enough.

  • There’s a typo in Joey’s first tweet. He actually meant “Science, bitch”