Meet the Twitter Counter team: Julio

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Since last week we shared with you our first tweets, we thought it’d be fun to put a face to the Twitter handles as well. So we decided that every now and then, each of us will have to answer three simple questions in more than 140 characters. This week it’s Julio! The lucky winner of our little office draw. So, tell us Julio…

Who are you?

Well, I was born in Murcia (on the south of sunny Spain), there I studied Telecommunications Engineering for 5 years at the UPCT, in Cartagena. As soon as I finished there I got the chance of coming to Amsterdam with a Leonardo internship (which I did). After a couple of years here I found myself working for Twitter Counter and here I continue doing so happily.

What are you working on?

Well, right now I’m working to build an awesome plugin for browsers which is on its way and it’ll probably be released next month. In general, I work on the backend part of Twitter Counter, which basically means, I’m in charge of the process of data collection (from Twitter to our systems) and data retrieval (from our system to the awesome frontend).

What is your favorite Twitter moment?

Ok, this is not easy to answer so I’ll do it my way. I’ve selected two of my favourite tweets and two accounts that were my favourites for long (and one of the reasons I got addicted to Twitter).
I find really interesting how “old school” people come to use new technologies. This tweet is a great example of what can happen when the good old fashioned analogic world meets the new shiny digital world. Basically anything!

On the other hand the tweet from Seth MacFarlane, reflects an issue that everybody had at some point with Family Guy (specially at the beginning of the show), which is the fact that isn’t really clear who on the show can understand the baby. There’s this episode (at the very end) where people from the future are watching Family Guy, and one of them asks out loud a similar question, well, I think it was genius the comparison with the bible.

@GooglePoetics (available on different languages, it posts pictures from the blog). They basically made poetry out of Google’s suggestions.
@masaenfurecida (parody account of the “raging masses”, talks about politics from Spain on a extremely ironical way. Not suitable for sensitive minds but it shows clearly the hypocrisy that runs Spain nowadays).

Got any more questions for Julio? Or any questions you’d like to ask the rest of the team? Fire away in the comments below!