Twitter is eight: A trip down memory lane

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Our favorite social network is turning 8 this week! And for an 8-year old, we must say it has achieved quite a lot! From Jack Dorsey’s first tweet to Ellen’s most retweeted selfie in the history, Twitter has gone a long way in the past years.

As you can imagine, we’ve been sharing lots of Twitter stories in the office this week. Like what our first tweet was or how we felt when we first signed up, for example. Don’t know about you, but most of us actually felt confused! Boris said: “I joined Twitter on 23 November 2006. I was user number 17000 and didn’t like it much at first. Even when I met with Jack and Biz in their 5 person office I didn’t really get it.”

In its first steps, Boris and Patrick visited the Twitter offices almost every six months. So they had a lot of “do you remember when” stories that we thought we should share with you!

Do you remember when Twitter was…

just a team of four employees and two interns in a small office in San Francisco? Every time Patrick and Boris were going back they’d find more people in a bigger office. At some point the team had grew as big as 135 people and one of the employees jokingly said “This is as big as it’ll ever get. 140 characters, no more!”

And apparently this is pretty much what the initial investors thought, as well. Evan Williams said that one of the first investors thought that Twitter was a stupid idea and the founders would pivot in 6 to 12 months. Oh well. 🙂

Do you remember when Jack Dorsey…

was taken for a developer? In one of the first visits, Boris remembers someone who was too serious, asked a lot of questions and talked too much business for a developer. Well that someone was not just a developer, but Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey. Oops.

Do you remember when Boris’s mom cooked for Biz Stone…

in Rotterdam? The only problem was that Biz is vegan and Boris’s mom had no idea. But she handled it like any mom would and cooked a separate meal. And we guess Biz enjoyed it as he later wrote this for the then newly born Twitter Counter.

Do you remember how Twitter Counter became…

one of the few brands in the world allowed to use “Twitter” in their brands name? When Twitter invited Boris and Patrick for a meeting to discuss Twitter Counter they knew that it had to do with us using Twitter in our brand’s name. So they had prepared a very elaborate speech for the moment when Twitter would say “See you guys, you’ve got to change your name or else…” Yet, surprisingly enough Twitter invited them to grant licence to use the name “Twitter” in our brand.

 As a thank you, whenever someone visited our domain in the following weeks, they could send a tweet to the Twitter employee who made the decision, saying what a wonderful person she was. Love!


  • TeachESL

    I just love being on Twitter – the best way to find out what’s going on.

  • I like Twitter and Twittercounter! I use them for a long time. It’s Convenient and useful!

    • Great to hear that!

  • I LOVE TWITTER because I can get out what I want to say in a flash. Everything else takes longer, and my time is precious. Thanks Twitter & Happy Birthday! 🙂

  • Love Twitter, the fastest way to learn what is happening out there!

  • TWITTER : Think Write Inquire Tell Talk Engage Reply. That’s What It’s All About.

  • Emanuel Jiménez

    I wish win the contest 🙂 Twittercounter is the best app!

  • Wow 8 years, time certainly goes by so fast.

  • alihaider

    I’m practicing twitter so long.

  • I enjoy using Twitter, is there a way to find out which tweet was the most popular and got you the most followers?

  • Been that long huh? lol!