6 reasons why you need to know who unfollowed you on Twitter

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get stats on how many accounts have unfollowed you on Twitter, all in a nice neat graph? Well, now you can! We just launched our brand, new “Unfollowers” feature and we couldn’t be more excited!

Twitter Counter unfollows

Our Unfollower stats for the past 7 days. It must’ve been something we said!

As a Premium and Pro user, you have access to an interactive graph of their unfollower stats, updated daily. By clicking on the graph you get a list of all the accounts that unfollowed you on a specific day, along with some basic stats on them such as their number of followers, following and daily follower growth. Isn’t it cool? And of course, you can specify the date range you are interested in from the top right corner of the graph.

Here’s how our list of unfollowers looks like for Sunday, March 9th.

TheCounter list of unfollows

It’s ok you guys! No hard feelings!

Don’t worry, your list of unfollowers doesn’t come with black spots! We just covered the Twitter handles, bios and profile images on our list, for the purpose of this post.

Are you a free user? Then once you activate the feature, you gain access to the list of all the Twitter accounts that stopped following you in the past seven days. But if daily updates is what you need, then a premium subscription is the way to go.

So let’s see how this data can help you to better evaluate your Twitter account. Here are 6 questions that your unfollower stats can answer:

1. Are you tweeting or are you spamming?

If you’re tweeting non stop 24/7, then a few unfollows shouldn’t be a surprise. Sending out 4 or 5 tweets in a row can also be considered as spamming when you tweet for 10 minutes per day.

But sometimes tweeting more often than usual is necessary. Think about live events or an urgent situation where your Twitter account is the main source of information. In this case, knowing who unfollowed you can help reevaluate your tweeting tactics and figure out how your audience responds to live tweeting.

2. Are you tweeting enough?

No one wants to follow a Twitter account that is not active. If you’re tweeting twice a month, check your unfollowers stats. If you combine this information with your tweeting frequency, you can learn a lot about your tweeting habits and whether you should change them or not.

3. Are you engaging enough?

Twitter is a social medium which means that by default, it’s built for social interaction. It’s quite simple actually: Are you interacting with your Twitter followers or other users? Do you ask questions, retweet, engage in discussions?

If you see your unfollower numbers going up, it probably means you need to rethink your Twitter strategy and engage more with your followers.

4. Are you a Twitter Bot?

The truth is that although tools like Twitter buttons are great for sharing an article right away, in the long run they can turn your timeline into a stream of headlines. This could be a turn-off for your followers who are following you for what you have to say.

So if you’re losing followers, you should consider personalizing your tweets a bit more by simply adding your own voice to them. Sometimes coming up with an original tweet or adding a small comment of your own when tweeting a link, can do the trick.

5. Do you love yourself too much?

Twitter is a great medium to promote your work but let’s just face it; nobody likes big egos. Talking about yourself too much can turn out to be a one of the reasons why the number of your unfollowers is increasing. Surely promoting your own content is a priority but try to enrich it with content from other sources you find interesting.

6. Is your content as good as it could be?

See it like this: the reason why someone followed you in the first place is simply because they found your content worth following.

If you see your Twitter unfollows rising it could be a sign to reevaluate your Twitter content strategy. Especially if influencers are among the Twitter accounts that unfollowed you. Do you still tweet content that your audience is looking forward to read? Look for the answer in your unfollowers stats.

We want to hear from you! How do you use your unfollowers stats to evaluate your account? Leave a comment below or tweet to us!