Sochi Problems wins the Twitter Games

by Ana, posted 3 years ago
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The Sochi Winter Olympics launched last Friday and they have already taken Twitter by the storm! From malfunctions at the opening ceremony to the Games’ first gold medalists to team Norway’s stylistic choices, it has all been tweeted and retweeted countless times, making the Sochi Games viral.

Yet, there has been one “olympic” Twitter phenomenon that caught our attention (besides Curling of course). @Sochi2014, the official Twitter account of the Sochi Olympics versus @SochiProblems, an account created by a 20-year old journalism student from Canada just a few days before the Opening Ceremony, that basically tweets everything that the hosts would never dare to tweet.

Starting at just 10,000 followers two days before the opening ceremony, Sochi Problems managed to gain more than 340,000 followers in less than a week, leaving the Games’ official Twitter account far behind. Based on historical data we’ve been gathering for the two accounts, our prediction is that @SochiProblems will reach the 380K Twitter followers milestone tomorrow, as opposed to 240K followers for @Sochi2014.

But what has pushed Sochi Problems to become viral? These are 10 of its tweets and retweets that the twitterverse just couldn’t resist sharing:

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 13.35.53

Tickets still available.

Beattles wordplay: win

That must’ve hurt.

Nobody ever asked “Going up?” in Sochi.

How about snowboards?

Like a wrecking ball.


The Olympic spirit in all its glory!

Breaking News: McGyver is in Sochi!

Got that?

Looks like @SochiProblems is the big winner of the “Twitter Games”. Spread the word and let everyone know! Also, Curling predictions always welcome on our Twitter.