Introducing: Buy Stats, Tracking & Notifications

by Ana, posted 5 years ago
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The coming year we’re already celebrating Twitter’s 7th birthday. In the last 6,5 years, Twitter has proved itself to be a valuable communication tool for companies, professionals and individuals. We can safely say it has become a permanent way of communication in our ever changing and connected world. People on Twitter are always able to stay up-to-date on new developments and their reach and public is still growing (200 million active users in December 2012).

At Twitter Counter we want to give you a similar up-to-date possibility regarding the Twitter stats of accounts you think are interesting. That’s why we are introducing two new features to enrich your Twitter Counter experience:

Want to see what’s been happening around a certain Twitter account? You can now purchase their statistics for a one-time fee of $29 and get everything we know in a neat and tidy CSV file.

The statistics you download include the number of tweets, followers and users followed, at a daily interval beginning from when we started tracking a certain user. Every now and then Twitter’s data is temporarily unavailable though, which cause small gaps in our statistics, so the statistics are based only on the amount of days for which we actually have received data. The completeness of the statistics you want to purchase is represented by the “Integrity” level of the statistics. For example, the integrity level of Lady Gaga’s (@ladygaga) stats is 84%, for Justin Bieber’s account (@justinbieber) it’s even 92%!

For who?

The buy-stats feature is for everyone who wants to stay up-do-date on the Twitter accounts they find interesting. We created this feature because we kept receiving a lot of requests from journalists and companies to see the full stats of certain Twitter accounts, to compare them to other accounts and to see how they performed over time. Also did we see an increase in requests when companies and/or persons have been featured in news items or on popular websites. Just press the button “Buy Stats” on your person of interest’s Twitter Counter page. After purchasing these one-time stats they are available for download for 30 days.

Tracking & Notifications
Next to the buy-stats feature we’re introducing another feature for those who want to stay updated on the Twitter accounts they find interesting.

When you visit the statistics page of an account on Twitter Counter you can now see a “Track” button. This button enables you to track the statistics of this certain account.

It also makes sure that we send you notifications when the account(s) you track reach certain Twitter milestones, like their followers and/or tweets count.

You can get these notifications via e-mail or even send to you in a Tweet if you like. You can specify your preferences per tracked account.